Who's Coming

The lists below show attendees' preferred names as listed in Carleton's alumni database. Name tags generated for Reunion weekend reflect any other preference entered during registration.

All alumni, regardless of class affiliation, are welcome to attend Reunion each year! 

Please note that it may take up to 48 hours for your name to be reflected on this page after registering.  Thank you for your understanding.

50 attendee(s) who majored in Religion

Attendees by class yearFromDate Registered
Doug Benson ’63MNMay 27
Christine (Jessen) Barber ’65PAJune 18
Ms. Barbara F. Morton ’65CAJune 18
Jean (Brown) Peterson ’65CTJune 18
John Mason ’68MDMarch 4
Anne Dickison ’70ILMarch 1
Mr. Danny E. Proud ’70WIJune 18
Janice (Woodhouse) Barbee ’74MNJune 18
Peter Allen ’75MNApril 20
Mr. Jonathon C. Glass ’75MDJune 18
Mr. Robert S. Hanks ’75MNJune 18
Cantor Neil L. Schwartz ’75LAJune 18
Peggy (Steif) Abram ’80MNMarch 3
Mr. Peter K. Mathison ’80MNJune 18
Leslie Ritter-Jenkins ’80ILMarch 4
Carolyn (Newberry) Schwartz ’80ILJune 2
David Schwartz ’80ILMay 18
Lizzie Lathrop ’84MNMay 22
Rezonn Dahlin-Klein ’85WIApril 21
Ms. Marya J. McNeish ’85NCJune 18
Julie Smith ’85ORJune 1
Polly Hamlen ’90MAApril 19
David (Strom) Kittelstrom ’90CAMay 1
Catherine Phipps ’90TNApril 24
Paul Powers ’90ORApril 2
Ms. Helene M. Stebbins ’90VAJune 18
Mr. Mark F. Heiman ’92MNJune 18
Dr. Hilary L. Copp ’95PAJune 18
Naomi Kritzer ’95MNApril 30
Bea (Wallins) Lawrence ’95WAApril 29
Chris (Youngquist) Murray ’95CAApril 14
Meredith Narcum Tseu ’95April 20
Jennifer (Swenson) Nelson ’95MNJune 18
Becky (Gallin) Steffen ’95TXApril 16
Kate (Ferguson) Surbaugh ’95MNApril 30
Dana Wright ’95ILMay 14
Andrea Nelsen ’96MNJune 19
Laura (Saxton) Heiman ’98MNJune 18
Gabriel Farrell ’00PAApril 13
Mr. Aaron D. Ban ’05ILJune 18
Ms. Kayla E. McGrady ’05MNJune 18
Ms. Ambrosia D. Mosby ’05VAJune 18
Lexi (Gelperin) Ryan ’05NJMarch 3
Ms. Lynn M. Abe ’10MNJune 18
Ms. Kaitlin L. Barnet ’10MAJune 18
Ms. Julie M. Conroy ’10NYJune 18
Carolyn Frischer ’10PAFebruary 23
Ms. Jennifer A. Knight ’10MNJune 18
Ms. Abigail S. Malis ’10MDJune 18
Mrs. Mary Blythe Spraggins Neville ’10AustraliaJune 18
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