Who's Coming

The lists below show attendees' preferred names as listed in Carleton's alumni database. Name tags generated for Reunion weekend reflect any other preference entered during registration.

All alumni, regardless of class affiliation, are welcome to attend Reunion each year! 

Please note that it may take up to 48 hours for your name to be reflected on this page after registering.  Thank you for your understanding.

42 attendee(s) who majored in Sociology/Anthropology

Attendees by class yearFromDate Registered
Trish (Hunt) Preheim ’72ILJune 18
Ronald Clark ’75MNJuly 6
Charles Conklin ’75GAJune 18
Roy Ginsburg ’75MNMarch 6
Mr. Thomas A. Hogg ’75CAJune 18
Anne Barnwell ’80MNJune 20
Naomi (Ikeda) Chow ’85HIJune 18
Mr. William E. Kennedy ’85CAJune 18
Chris Larsen ’85MNApril 10
Michael Shaler ’85COApril 15
Ali (Levin) Lee-O'Halloran ’88MNJune 15
Ms. Cheryl M. Allendoerfer ’90WAJune 18
Jovita Baber ’90ILMay 25
Ms. Margaret H. Hurdlik ’90INJune 18
Beret Olsen ’90CAMarch 21
Ms. Laurel C. Pies ’90CAJune 18
Jennifer (Vander Wilt) VanHook ’90PAJune 18
Jenny (Pearson) Nystrom ’94MNJune 18
Ms. Caitlin B. Corrigan ’95NYJune 18
Ms. Christine C. Quimby ’95PAJune 18
Matt Benoit ’00DCApril 15
Jody Horwich ’00MAJune 2
Ms. Anna H. Jahns ’00June 18
Ms. Sharon A. Polli ’00NYJune 18
Emily Shirbroun ’00WAJune 18
Mr. Brian D. Swann ’03MNJune 18
Caitlin Coomes ’05MNMarch 17
Catherine Courcy ’05MNMarch 17
Carl Moberg ’05ILMay 6
Drew Riley ’05MTMarch 15
Lauren Simpson ’05CAApril 19
Mr. Joshua S. Tolkan ’05MNJune 18
Ms. Alessandra A. Vitrella ’05MNJune 18
Ms. Sarah P. Moberg ’07ILJune 18
Becca Dougherty ’10MOMarch 11
Catie Gardner ’10MNFebruary 19
Kat Morriss ’10NYMarch 8
Ms. Martta L. L. Sareva ’10NYJune 18
Joe Sigrin ’10DCMarch 4
Ms. Anne E. Triest ’10MAJune 18
Lina Walkinshaw ’10WAMarch 9
Kel Thomas ’11MNMay 17
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