Who's Coming

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The lists below show attendees' preferred names as listed in Carleton's alumni database. Name tags generated for Reunion weekend reflect any other preference entered during registration.

All alumni, regardless of class affiliation, are welcome to attend Reunion each year! 

39 attendee(s) who majored in Sociology/Anthropology

Attendees by class yearFromDate Registered
Jonathan Ice ’72NMMarch 8
Trish (Hunt) Preheim ’72MTMarch 31
Mary (Green) Cooney ’77ILMarch 29
Marda Kornhaber ’77NCApril 14
Anaya (nee Debbie) Palay ’77FLApril 17
John Sims ’77MNMarch 24
Holly Slocum ’77MNApril 12
Julie (Whitehill) Hladky ’82WIMarch 18
David Frankel ’87CAMarch 12
Eden Inoway-Ronnie ’87WIApril 9
Colleen White ’87MNMarch 15
Vicki Anderson ’92HungaryMarch 2
Kelly Besecke ’92TXMarch 13
Jen Rassler ’92TXMarch 5
Elizabeth (Reedy) Elliott ’92ILMarch 6
Kristin (Johnson) Maier ’92MNApril 18
Sara Martinez ’92WIMarch 12
Elizabeth (Schuster) McGeveran ’92MNFebruary 24
Megan Sweeney ’92February 24
Alex Textor ’92EnglandApril 3
Michael Wickersheimer ’92NYMarch 4
Kristina (Hokkanen) Andren ’97MEApril 6
Tiffany Eng ’97CAApril 13
Kati LeTourneau ’97FLMarch 1
Carrie (Higinbotham) Menk ’97MNApril 9
Whitney Raish Kane ’97NMApril 10
Mollie Charon ’02WIMarch 1
Laura Huebner ’02MAApril 19
Liz Lewis ’02March 3
Judy (Wemhoff) Miyashita ’02ILMarch 5
Betsy Sylvester ’06MNMarch 28
Sarah Graham ’07March 17
Caroline Krafft ’07MNMarch 21
Rich Majerus ’07MEApril 18
Jonathan Rodkin ’07NYMarch 27
Ray Nelson ’12DCMarch 8
Gwen Neumeister ’12ORMarch 24
Elise Rasmussen ’12February 27
Dan Read ’12March 1
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