Reunion Housing

Please note that on-campus housing is now full. If you will need lodging during Reunion, please click here to see the variety of options available to you, including hotels and campgrounds in and near Northfield.

Alumni who register for Reunion after on-campus housing fills are responsible for making their own lodging arrangements. We regret that every available on-campus room is already assigned. A link to lodging options will also be provided in your reunion registration confirmation.

The last several reunions, on-campus housing has sold out. If you are planning to attend Reunion we strongly recommend registering as early as possible (Registration opens March 1) for the best chance to be housed on campus. Some residence halls will be full by the end of April. Single rooms are limited.

Various housing options are available for alumni attending Reunion. For those who prefer to stay on campus, reunion classes will be housed together in residence halls whenever possible.

Residence hall accommodations feature bathrooms down the hall from your room (except Davis, Severance, and James, which have private/semi-private baths). The showers in the bathrooms do not have grab-bars. A linen packet, including sheets, blanket, pillow, and towels, is provided for each bed.

Rooms are assigned in order of reservations received. If you are planning to room with a classmate or friend, you will be assigned a room when both your registration and your roommate(s)' registration(s) have been received. If your registration form and payment were submitted online or postmarked by May 1, you will receive a confirmation of your reunion housing assignment in advance.

Families: Classes that traditionally bring children are usually assigned to residence halls that have triples, quads and quints available. Some residence halls only have singles and doubles.  If you need more than two beds for your party, multiple rooms next to each other may be assigned for you and your guests. If you have questions about these arrangements, please call the Office of Alumni Relations at 800-729-2586.

Children ages 0-4 do not pay any registration fees, however they also do not receive a bed for housing. If you would like to add a bed for your young children, you can do so by selecting a package option with a bed when you register your children for $45 per bed.  There is no housing charge for children sleeping on the floor in their parents' room with their own sleeping bag, no linen packet is provided. Carleton does not have cribs; local classmates have been a great resource on this front and we encourage you to reach out to them directly.

On-campus check-in for Reunion begins at 3 p.m. the Thursday of Reunion weekend. Residence halls will not be open before that time (facilities staff are working hard up to that time to clean out all the halls following Commencement). Check-out is noon on Sunday of Reunion weekend.

Residence halls are not air-conditioned (except Davis, Nourse, Watson, and the townhouses); James and Cassat have ceiling fans. All beds are twin-sized. You may wish to bring the following items that are not available in the rooms: reading lamp, hangers, small fan, and alarm clock. Cribs are not available, nor are irons. Some fans are available for rent at registration in Sayles-Hill.

Accessibility: Davis, Nourse, James, Cassat, Evans, and Watson have elevators.


Campus housing has filled to capacity the past three years.  If you would like to make a hotel reservation there are Carleton room blocks made at the following locations:

Indicate you are with the CARLETON REUNION

GrandStay Residential Suites Hotel, Highways 3 & 21 (507-334-2888)

Country Inn and Suites, 300 South Highway 3 (507-645-2286)

Archer House River Inn, 212 Division Street (507-645-5661)

If you would like a list of hotels in the greater Northfield area, check our visitors information website or call Alumni Relations at 800-729-2586. If you are staying off campus, please note on your registration form where you will be staying in case we or your classmates need to contact you. 


Search local homes and rentals available through airbnb here. 


For those who may be interested in a more outdoorsy experience during Reunion, there are several local camping options near Northfield. While visitors to the Carleton Arboretum are always welcome, the Arb is not open for camping. For more information about camping options, click here

Pet policy

Pets are not allowed in College housing. Several local boarding facilities are available with Sunday pickup options. Please follow these links for more information on boarding facilities.

Cannon Valley Veterinary Clinic

Countryside Animal Hospital

Canine Country Club 

Class housing assignments

Assignments are based on class size, seniority, and other considerations. Housing assignments are made as reservations are received, and later registrants may not be housed near their class. These are the tentative assignments for Reunion 2016 - subject to change.

  • Class of 1951 -- Davis
  • Class of 1956 -- Davis
  • Class of 1961 -- Nourse
  • Class of 1966 -- Watson
  • Class of 1971 -- Townhouses
  • Class of 1976 -- Cassat
  • Class of 1981 -- Townhouses
  • Class of 1986 -- Myers
  • Class of 1991 -- Burton/Sevy
  • Class of 1996 -- James
  • Class of 2001 -- Evans
  • Class of 2006 -- Parish/Rice/Houses
  • Class of 2011 -- Goodhue