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    Created 19 June 2015; Published 20 June 2015
    The Nirthfolde Visitors' Bureau

    Quasi-Fictional Places: The Nirthfolde Visitors' Bureau and Other Original Facismiles, an Alumni College presentation and exhibition by Associate Professor of Art David Lefkowitz '85.

    Nirthfolde: Northfield, Slightly Askew. A bucolic, yet bustling burg situated in a parallel universe that neatly overlaps Northfield, Minnesota has existed relatively unnoticed for over a century and a half. That situation was remedied by the occupation, for a limited time in 2013, of a Visitors' Bureau on the premises of the Northfield Arts Guild Gallery. Created by artists David Lefkowitz '85 and Doug Bratland, the installation included misinformation panels, ahistorical artifacts, and other displays that were guaranteed to perplex and amaze. Lefkowitz will reflect on the project and its impact during this presentation.

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