Reunion 2019 Schedule

Jun 22

Perlman Teaching Museum Exhibits Open

Exhibits celebrating the importance of clean water and demonstrating the beauty of water as well as the fragility of the natural resource.

Saturday, June 22nd, 2019
11:00 am – 3:00 pm / Weitz Center for Creativity Perlman Teaching Museum

June 20 to July 28

Braucher Gallery

We Are Water MN was developed Minnesota Humanities Center and its statewide partners, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, the Minnesota Historical Society, the Minnesota Department of Health, the Minnesota Section of the American Water Works Association, and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. The exhibition is interactive and shares information on water quality around the state juxtaposed with the voices of multiple Minnesotans including farmers, fishers, boaters, ricers, parents, potters, and teachers reflecting on what water means to them and their lives. The exhibit also provides a space for visitors to add their own water stories. We Are Water MN also raises awareness about the quantity and quality of Minnesota’s water, connecting exhibit-goers to active water solutions. For associated events and more information, visit

June 20 to July 28

Kaemmer Gallery

This exhibition of paintings, prints, and photographs from Carleton's art collection demonstrates the beauty of water as well as the fragility of the natural resource.

Sponsored by Reunion 2019. Contact: Jeff Rathermel, x4342