Jun 15

Alumni College: Two Historians walk into a digitally reconstructed bar

Alumni College: Two Historians walk into a digitally reconstructed-eighteenth-century bar

Friday, June 15th, 2018
1:15 – 2:15 pm / Boliou Hall 104
In this presentation, Carleton historian and assistant director of digital humanities Austin Mason will discuss "Witness to the Revolution," an immersive, interactive 3d experience of the 1770 Boston Massacre created by Carleton students, Mason, and history professor Serena Zabin in partnership with the Boston Old State House. Based on original historical research, the game allows players to digitally experience the eighteenth-century city while exploring the hard problems of settling on a singular truth about the past. Founded in 2013, Carleton's Digital Humanities program supports cutting-edge classroom experimentation and innovative computer-enhanced research by helping humanities faculty to integrate digital technologies into their research and teaching and by training students to learn digital methodologies relevant to their humanities studies and future careers.

Sponsored by Reunion 2018. Contact: Sarah Forster, x4206