Jun 15

College Admissions Tips, hosted by '93

College Admissions Tips with John Thurston '93, Renee Bischoff '93, and Carleton's Senior Associate Dean of Admissions Adam Webster '00

Friday, June 15th, 2018
3:00 – 4:00 pm / Weitz Center for Creativity Cinema

Every fall and spring, major publications across the United States offer everything from inspirational human interest pieces, to insider tips, to cautionary tales regarding the current state of college admissions. For many of our classmates, these stories seem increasingly relevant as their own children embark upon the college selection process. Are you curious to know how things have changed over the past three decades? Convinced that you would never be offered admission to Carleton were you to apply today? Excited that your son or daughter is about to choose where to spend the next four years? Join classmates Renee Bischoff, Director of College Counseling at Hawken School (Gates Mills, Ohio) and John Thurston, Director of College Counseling at Waynflete School (Portland, Maine) to get an update on trends and expectations in college admissions. With 50+ years in combined experience as former admissions officers at institutions including Bowdoin, Brown, Carleton, DePaul, Lake Forest, and Northwestern, as well as their work on the secondary school side as college counselors, Renee and John have a professional perspective to help cut through all the hype. Join them for a fun, informative, interactive presentation moderated by Carleton's Senior Associate Dean of Admissions, Adam Webster, Class of '00.

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