Jun 15

'68 Class Dinner

Join your classmates for dinner as we celebrate our 50th Reunion.

Friday, June 15th, 2018
6:30 – 8:30 pm / Severance Hall Great Hall
Join your classmates for dinner as we celebrate our 50th Reunion. During dessert, we'll hear from classmate David Lovell '68 who will speak on his experience working with prisoners and guards at "super max" prisons. Reflecting on forty years of work in and around prisons, we begin with a brief career summary and focus on the intensive, ground-level work that my colleagues and I conducted inside Washington State prisons over a twenty-year period. This project started by helping the prison system develop and evaluate a new residential program for prisoners with mental illness; over time, we worked on the overlapping problem of prisoners with no typical mental illness presentation but who nevertheless act very crazy. These overlapping groups also intersect with participants in prison rackets and gangs, who like prisoners in the first two categories are prone to long-term solitary confinement. The "Security Housing Unit" solution to dangerous and disruptive behavior poses the problem of how to move people safely this extreme setting and prepare them to live peacefully among others. We'd like to invite discussion by describing what it's like to work on these problems with prisoners and staff. Of course there are philosophical themes: ethics, rationality, and punishment; how we know what works; and the role of settings in social behavior.

Sponsored by Reunion 2018. Contact: Mari Aylin, x4203