Jun 16

'13 Class Photo

Saturday, June 16th, 2018
1:00 – 1:15 pm / Skinner Memorial Chapel

Smile with your classmates to remember the reunion weekend. Be sure to arrive promptly at your scheduled time to ensure you are included!

Each reunion class will have a group photo taken during Reunion weekend. Two photos will be taken. Staff will be on hand to distribute photo cards. Alumni are asked to verify their name is correct on the back of the photo card and correct any changes that should be made. The photo cards will be used to create a photo key to accompany the photo. The first photo is taken with the photo cards visible in the photo. The cards will be collected before the final photo is taken.

Printed photos can be ordered with your reunion registration or online after reunion. Digital photos can be downloaded after reunion from the Carleton Reunion website.

If you order a printed photo during registration, prints can be picked up Sunday morning in your class hospitality lounge.

Sponsored by Reunion 2018. Contact: Kaara Maki, x5602