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September 2006

Thursday, September 14th

October 2006

Tuesday, October 10th

January 2007

Tuesday, January 9th

February 2007

Thursday, February 8th

  • SAC Monthly Meeting
    • Melissa Thomas discusses IAAP, a professional organization for administrative assistants, and on-line computer course certification.
    • 10:30 am, Sayles-Hill Lounge

March 2007

Tuesday, March 6th

May 2007

Thursday, May 10th

June 2007

Tuesday, June 5th

  • SAC Monthly Meeting
    • Hello/goodby: Welcome new officers and reps, say goodby to retiring ones.
    • 10:30 am, Sayles-Hill Lounge

Tuesday, June 26th

August 2007

Wednesday, August 22nd

September 2007

Wednesday, September 12th

October 2007

Wednesday, October 10th

  • SAC Monthly Meeting
    • Featured: new human resource director--Kerstin Cardenas and a look at the newly redesigned SAC website by Tammy Anderson and Linda Luedke.
    • 10:00 am, Sayles-Hill Lounge

November 2007

Wednesday, November 14th

  • SAC Monthly Meeting
    • Featured: Web time entry with Linda Thornton, Comptroller.
    • 10:00 am, Sayles-Hill Lounge

January 2008

Wednesday, January 9th

February 2008

Wednesday, February 13th

March 2008

Wednesday, March 12th

May 2008

Wednesday, May 14th

  • SAC Monthly Meeting
    • Note change of location for this meeting.
    • 10:00 am, Alumni Guest House meeting room

June 2008

Thursday, June 19th

September 2008

Thursday, September 11th

  • SAC Kick-Off Meeting
    • Kick off the new academic year with Staff At Carleton (SAC) as we unveil our new theme and explore some recent technology changes. All non-exempt staff members are members of SAC so join us to get to know other Carleton staff members and learn more about the College.
    • 2:00 pm, Sayles-Hill Lounge

October 2008

Thursday, October 2nd

  • SAC Monthly Meeting
    • HR Director, Kerstin Cardenas, will be in attendance to give a Human Resources update.
    • 10:00 am, Sayles-Hill Lounge

November 2008

Thursday, November 6th

December 2008

Thursday, December 4th

January 2009

Thursday, January 8th

February 2009

Thursday, February 5th

March 2009

Thursday, March 5th

April 2009

Thursday, April 2nd

June 2009

Thursday, June 4th

  • SAC Monthly Meeting
    • The June monthly SAC meeting is to discuss the election and a few other updates. Please note this is a change from our regular meeting location!
    • 10:00 am, Alumni Guest House Meeting Room

September 2009

Wednesday, September 30th

  • SAC Meeting
    • Staff at Carleton Meeting 2 p.m. in Sayles-Hill Lounge
    • 2:00 pm, Sayles Hill Lounge

November 2009

Wednesday, November 4th

December 2009

Wednesday, December 9th

January 2010

Tuesday, January 12th

March 2010

Wednesday, March 10th

April 2010

Tuesday, April 13th

May 2010

Tuesday, May 4th

  • SAC Spring Luncheon/Business Meeting
    • The annual SAC Spring Luncheon and Business Meeting will take place on Tuesday, 5/4, 11:30am to 1:00pm, in Great Hall. RSVP by Monday 4/26.
    • 11:30 am, Great Hall

Wednesday, May 26th

December 2011

Thursday, December 8th

December 2012

Friday, December 7th

  • Carleton Craft Sale and Custodial Bake Sale
    • Carleton Craft Sale and Bake Sale for the Custodial Scholarship Fund. Now over 65 vendors! Enter at the corner of Third and College Streets.
    • 8:30 am, Weitz Center for Creativity, Class of 1980 Commons

February 2013

Wednesday, February 13th

May 2013

Wednesday, May 29th

August 2013

Tuesday, August 13th

February 2014

Tuesday, February 4th

May 2014

Tuesday, May 13th

November 2014

Friday, November 7th

Tuesday, November 11th

March 2015

Thursday, March 5th

  • LDC Campus Crawl with Forum and SAC
    • Join Forum and SAC for a behind the scenes tour of the LDC (Language and Dining Center) with Dining Services manager Katie McKenna!
    • 2:30 pm, LDC

October 2015

Wednesday, October 14th

December 2015

Friday, December 4th

February 2016

Wednesday, February 10th

Wednesday, February 17th

October 2016

Monday, October 31st

November 2016

Monday, November 21st

December 2016

Thursday, December 8th

Monday, December 19th

  • Holiday Treats Exchange
    • SAC Special Events Committee invite all staff and faculty to participate in a Holiday Treats Exchange.
    • 10:00 am, Alumni Guest House Meeting Room

April 2017

Tuesday, April 25th

May 2017

Wednesday, May 3rd

June 2017

Thursday, June 1st

Tuesday, June 13th

  • Summer BBQ Lunch
    • The Special Events Committee would like to invite you to a lunch BBQ on June 13th!
    • 12:00 pm, Baldspot

October 2017

March 2018

Thursday, March 29th

June 2018

Wednesday, June 27th

  • Happy New (Fiscal) Year Party
    • Gather for lunch with colleagues & summer student staff to celebrate & kick-off a new fiscal year!
    • 11:45 am, West side of the Chapel

October 2018

Friday, October 19th

December 2018

Friday, December 14th

  • 2018 Staff Retreat
    • Engage your Mind, Body, and Spirit at the 2018 staff retreat.
    • 8:00 am, Weitz Commons

January 2019

Tuesday, January 15th

June 2019

Tuesday, June 18th

October 2019

Friday, October 18th

Saturday, October 26th

Thursday, October 31st

November 2019

Thursday, November 7th

January 2020

Wednesday, January 22nd

  • SAC Meeting
    • 1:00 pm, Weitz Center for Creativity Room 233

February 2020

Thursday, February 27th

April 2020

Wednesday, April 15th

Monday, April 27th

May 2020

Thursday, May 21st

December 2020

Tuesday, December 8th

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