Bike Share Policies

To ensure the CSA bike share program remains available to Carleton students, faculty, and staff, the following guidelines have been established:


Bikes are available for up to 4 hours at a time, after which they must be returned to a Zagster station and locked. If bikes are not returned within 4 hours, the user will be charged a $3 late fee per hour, for up to 5 hours. If a user keeps a bike over 24 hours, an additional $15 fine will be charged. Abuse of the 4-hour rental guideline or intentional misuse of a bike may result in loss of bike share privileges. 

Reporting Issues/Maintenance

Please submit bike maintenance issues directly to Zagster: (1) via the Zagster app; (2) Email:; or (3) Phone: (202) 999-3924. When submitting a maintenance request, please be sure to include the following:

1. BIKE NUMBER: The four-digit bike number helps us to identify which bike is in need of service. It is always located below the handlebars, on the lock box and the lock itself.

2. DESCRIPTION OF ISSUE: A brief, detailed description (1-2 sentences) of the issue and a photo (if possible) to help us understand the issue and best relay the service request to our mechanic. If there is an issue with the wheels, tires, or brakes, please indicate if it is front or rear.

3. LOCATION OF BIKE: Please provide the name of bike share station or, if off-station, identifying the street address or intersection for our mechanic to locate the bicycle(s). If the bike is located indoors for maintenance, please indicate if special access privileges, contact person, or hours are needed.

Note that reporting a bike which has been abandoned off-station is the considered a maintenance request and should follow the above procedures.


Any damage should be reported to Zagster immediately upon return of bike. Returning a damaged bike without informing Zagster may result in additional fees and possible loss of bike share privileges.



Bike share riders are subject to the same rules and policies as all other campus bikers. For a full list of Carleton's security recommendations, please click here. Carleton and Zagster both strongly recommend the use of a helmet when riding a bicycle.


If a user thinks a bike has been lost or stolen, they should report it immediately to Zagster and Carleton's Security Services. If the bike was stolen while unlocked or after a ride was ended off station the rider may be liable for replacement costs.

Payment Method

Creation of a Zagster account requires a credit/debit card in case additional fees are incurred, including late fees or fees associated with misuse of the bike. REMINDER: The first four hours of each ride is free and cards will not be charged unless there is some form of misconduct. For all billing inquires, please contact Zagster directly: (1) via the Zagster app; (2) Email:; or (3) Phone: (202) 999-3924.

Students without access to a personal credit or debit card may contact Elliott Courchaine in the Student Activities Office for assistance and additional information.