Living in a Carleton House: The Neighborhood Experience

This year you have joined the ranks of Carleton’s many upper class students opting for a different residential life experience: living off-campus in one of 36 College-owned houses rather than in one of Carleton’s nine traditional residence halls.

As a resident of an off-campus house, you will enjoy many benefits: the casual intimacy of small group living, the charm of an old house with a porch and backyard—in short, the pleasures of living in a home. Living in a Carleton house will also mean adjusting to a unique environment—a residential neighborhood. Within your house you will experience on-campus student life, while around your house you will be part of an off-campus community. You will need to balance your student life and use of the College house with consideration for your Northfield neighbors—neighbors who most likely have lifestyles different from your own. As a new Northfield neighbor, you will be expected to abide by neighborhood standards.

Special College policies apply to off-campus houses. You are expected to read them carefully and discuss them with your House Manager/RA.


Carleton students are responsible for following the “standards of reasonable behavior” established by the City of Northfield and its permanent residents. With good judgment and an understanding of neighborhood standards, students should be able to avoid conflicts with neighbors.

As stated in the Carleton Community Standards Policy, “The expectations, rules and regulations … pertain to students on and off campus …. Student behavior occurring anywhere … will be a concern to the College ….” This means that your behavior as a Northfield resident is bound by both the Carleton Community Standards and the laws and ordinances of the City of Northfield.

We encourage you to become an active participant in your neighborhood. Being a respectful neighbor will result in a pleasurable living experience for you and your neighbors.


All residential neighborhoods have established standards acceptable to the permanent residents of the neighborhood. To maintain good relationships with the neighbors, it is important that you are respectful of their standards.

Remember that, as a Carleton student, you and your actions represent the College at all times.


¨ If you have a party, clean up when it is over. Set out garbage cans prior to events. Do not leave garbage lying around in the yard. Host only the number of students your house/bathrooms can accommodate. Never let your guests urinate in the yard.

¨ Speakers should not be directed out of house windows. Activity in and around your house should not disturb neighbors. Remind guests to keep their voices low. All activities must end by 10 p.m. (even on weekends), in accordance with the Northfield Noise Ordinances.


¨ City Ordinances prohibit blocking neighborhood driveways or sidewalks and parking on lawns. Find alternate parking locations for any cars for which there is no designated parking spot. No person shall park a vehicle in one space upon a street or municipally owned parking area for a period exceeding 48 hours.[1]

¨ Make certain that garbage cans are set out on the curb on appropriate days. After pick up, store them out of sight for the following week.

¨ Similar to your hometown neighborhood, Northfield residents take great pride in keeping their yards looking nice. Take a few minutes to pick up litter in the yard each week and particularly after an event at the house


¨ Drive slowly and respectfully in your neighborhood keeping the volume on your car stereo reasonable—people of all ages reside in the neighborhood and are not necessarily on the same schedule as you. They may be sleeping/resting in mid-afternoon or there may be young children in the neighborhood who could dart into the street in front of a car.

¨ Local streets are intended for temporary parking. If you need to park long term, please contact Security Services for a parking assignment.

¨ A winter parking ban on all city streets is in effect between November 15 and March 15 between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m., snow or no snow. During this time, no parking is allowed on any city street except by permit. Tickets will be issued with accompanying fines. Vehicles may be towed if a snow emergency is declared.[2]

¨ Parking permits require annual application and will only be issued if the Chief of Police or a representative determines that a parking hardship exists. Applications for permits can be obtained from the Public Services/Engineering office or downloaded from this web site. Submit applications to the Public Services/Engineering office at 801 Washington St.


¨ Lock outside doors and windows. Suggest that your friends ring the doorbell or call ahead when visiting.

¨ Lock cars, even if in the driveway—there are a surprising number of thefts reported each year in neighborhood driveways and garages in Northfield.

¨ Lock your bike.

¨ Report any suspicious behavior to the police. Watch and listen for unusual things such as loud noises or strange people loitering around the neighborhood.