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How are first year student room assignments determined?

Remember that Roommate Preference Questionnaire you completed? Residential Life staff read each and every Roommate Preference Questionnaire and match students based on responses to the questions on the form. They take into consideration your habits and patterns. Students are sorted based on the main issues that tend to cause conflicts in roommate situations (room cleanliness, noise/activity levels in the room, and bed times). Once students are put into those broad categories, we look at their academic and extracurricular interests and the other personal information they share. We work to put students together who have some overlapping interests, but who are not identical matches. We believe that part of the learning that takes place at a residential college is meeting and living with people who are different from you. Because of this philosophy, we strive to not place people from the same state or schools in the same rooms. Siblings are not placed together as roommates and we try not to place siblings in the same buildings together. We typically don't honor roommate or specific dorm requests either. We also don't place athletes from the same team together as roommates. We believe that all of our communities are great places to live and that each student will have a fulfilling experience in the living environment that they are assigned to.

In mid July, you will receive an email from your class dean with the website address where you can find your room assignment and roommate(s). After your first year at Carleton, you will be able to select your own room and choose your roommate(s) via a housing selection process that occurs every spring. If for some reason during the year, you would like to petition for a room assignment change, talk to your area director.

  • 17 March 2005
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