Frequently Asked Questions

What furnishings are provided in the rooms? What should I bring myself?

All rooms are furnished with a bunkable bedframe, 80" (extra long) twin mattress, desk, desk chair, wardrobe or closet, trash can, recycle bin, mirror, and overhead light. Please note that personal lofts are not permitted. You are welcome to bring additional items to personalize your room: a small comfy chair, a desk lamp, etc. If you choose to bring a lamp, avoid halogens. To protect and maintain the furniture for future residents, all room furniture must be kept in the room, and all lounge furniture must be kept in the lounges.

Students must provide their own linens which may be ordered from our partnered linen company. The extra long twin size linens are also available at most major department stores. Our student staff have developed a listing of useful items to bring with you to campus. We encourage you to coordinate with your roommate to avoid duplicates.

There is a mixture of carpeted and non-carpeted rooms.

  • 23 March 2005
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