Frequently Asked Questions

I have additional questions about residential policies, problems, etc. Who can I turn to for answers?

The Residential Life staff oversee residential facilities (room assignments and changes, keys, damage charges), but more importantly, the area directors and resident assistants are the first line of assistance for students within their residential environment. The staff is here to help you—to answer questions, to plan fun floor and hall programs, to help you learn about Carleton and yourself, and to just listen. Central office professional and student staff members are available to advise students on any educational or personal concerns. In addition, the central staff selects, trains, and supervises area directors and resident assistants. They also develop and administer residential policies. The residential life staff is led by the director of residential life and an assistant director of residential life. We welcome your questions and suggestions; please e-mail us, stop by our office for information, to meet the staff, or to just learn your way around campus.

  • 12 September 2007
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