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How are fees assessed for room or floor damages at the end of the year?

Resident Assistants, Area Directors and Facilities Staff inspect all public and private rooms and bathrooms in the halls and houses at the end of the year to determine if there are any damages. All residents of a floor/house will be charged for cleaning, damages or missing furnishings in common areas. There is a minimum charge of $5 per resident of a hall/house/house apartment for cleaning, repair or replacement of furnishings in a common area.
All occupants of a room/house/apartment are held equally responsible for returning the room to move-in condition when they move out (remove all personal items, remove trash, and thoroughly clean and vacuum room, bathroom, kitchen, lounge, etc.). All occupants are held equally responsible for any charges incurred for cleaning or repair with a minimum charge of $25 per resident of the room/house apartment for excessive cleaning.

Charges can be appealed by filling out a form on the housing webpage here.

  • 13 August 2013
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