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What type of cleaning is provided in the residence halls and houses?

The residence hall public areas (lounges, hallways, kitchens and bathrooms) are cleaned daily (Monday through Friday). Private areas (apartments, private bathrooms, adjoining bathrooms, common areas of a private room) are the responsibility of the residents of the room. Only during winter, spring and summer breaks will Custodial staff do a thorough cleaning of the private and adjoining bathrooms in the residence halls and the bathrooms, kitchens and main living areas in the apartments. Custodial Services provides vacuums and other basic cleaning supplies for student use. We have noted on the floor plans if cleaning is done during the term. If limited cleaning is provided, Custodial staff clean the public areas of the houses on a bi-weekly, weekly or daily basis. Residents of the houses are responsible for keeping the houses clean. Questions or concerns regarding cleaning can be referred to the Maintenance and Custodial Office, Ext. 4133.

  • 15 April 2005
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