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What meal plan are first year students on?

First year students are assigned to the 20 meal plan. The 20 meal plan is Carleton’s full board plan. This plan offers 20 guaranteed meals per week in either Burton or East Dining Hall, three per day Monday through Saturday and two on Sunday, with $75 in dining dollars that may be used in the Sayles Café, Weitz Café or the dining halls.

A unique feature of the 20 Meal Plan is the meal equivalency. THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE WITH THE 5 or the 15 Meal Plan. Meal equivalencies are intended to provide more choice options for the 20 Meal Plan user, especially if all $75 dining dollars have been exhausted.

A meal equivalency allows you to buy food in the Sayles Café by using one of your weekly meal plan meals. The 20 meal plan allows the use of 1 meal per week as a meal equivalency. If you use a meal equivalency in a given week, then you have 19 meals available to use in the dining halls. If you don’t use a meal equivalency in the Sayles Café in a given week, then you have 20 meals available in the dining halls. There is no carryover of meal equivalencies that don’t get used.

All first-year students are automatically assigned to this plan for the year, but may choose the 15 meal plan for winter and/or spring terms. Unused meals do not carry over to the next day, week, or term. Unused dining dollars are also not carried over from term-to-term.

Further information on the meal plans is available on the Dining Services site.

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