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Is cable TV available in College-owned houses?

Some of the College-owned houses are wired for Cable TV installation. Residents of the houses must subscribe for service using house funds to secure the subscription. Information is provided to the residents of the houses regarding cable TV installation at the beginning of each academic year. Houses that may subscribe for service are Allen House, Benton House, Chaney House, Geffert House, Huntington House, Prentice House, Stimson House, Watson House, Williams House, and Wilson Houses.

Carleton College network cable has been installed to Berg House, Brooks House, Clader House, Collier House, Colwell House, Dacie Moses House, Dixon House, Douglas House, Dow House, Eugster House, Hall House, Hill House, Hunt Cottage, Hunt House, Jewett House, Nason House, Owens House, Parish House, Parr House, Rice House, and Scott House. The College network provides only the basic cable package. Telecommunications staff can respond to questions regarding the Carleton network cable.

Unfortunately cable connections are not available to Page House. Street addresses are available on the staff listing page. Questions and concerns regarding cable should be addressed to the Telecommunications Department.

The College administration and the Committee on Student Life continue to evaluate the possibilities of cable installation to the houses on an annual basis.

  • 13 August 2013
  • Keywords: cable TV

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