Nice Digs

May 3, 2010 at 8:22 am

Brittney Mikell and Carin Postal

Brittney Mikell ’13 (Chicago) and Carin Postal ’13 (Longwood, Fla.) are among the first students to live in Cassat Hall, one of Carleton’s two new residence halls.

Completed just before the start of fall term, Cassat houses 136 students from all class years in both double- and single-occupancy rooms. Next door, Memorial Hall houses another 92 students (mostly juniors and seniors) in suites. The buildings are among the first college residence halls in the country to earn a LEED gold rating by complying with government standards for sustainable design, construction, and operation. Highlights include radiant in-floor heating, solar thermal hot water systems, and plumbing fixtures that reduce water consumption by 30 percent over traditional fixtures.

What do Mikell and Postal like best? “The lights go off automatically,” says Postal, referring to the motion sensors in every room. They also appreciate the architects’ efforts to foster community among dormmates by including spacious lounges and a kitchenette on each floor, a large game room in Cassat, group study spaces, and landscaped outdoor seating areas.

The girls enjoy hanging out in their room with friends, but they study elsewhere. “The beds are so comfortable, you just want to sleep all the time,” says Mikell, “so I don’t do my homework in my room.”