Student Storage is available to students as an alternative to taking possessions off-campus each year. Space for items to be stored is limited.

Carleton College does not insure and is not responsible for loss or damage from any cause to the personal property of students (including items in storage). It is recommended that students acquire renters insurance.

Closing Storage Information


  • Anyone arriving to campus early in the fall (athletes, peer leaders, etc) need to store in Musser.  This is the only location that will be available for you to retrieve your items when you return to campus.
  • If you are planning to be off campus during fall term your storage location will be Goodhue.  This is the only location that will be available for immediate access during the opening of winter term without an appointment.
  • All items must be contained in a box or taped shut for storage (boxes are available at the bookstore).
  • No furniture can be stored.
  • Each item must have its own storage sticker (available at the bookstore).
  • See schedule below for storage availability during closing.
  • Bike storage is limited (bike storage stickers are available at the bookstore) and bikes should be put into storage during reading day times.


                                                                      Tuesday, June 11 (closing day) - Goodhue and Musser

10:00 am - noon

Tuesday, June 11 (closing day) - Cassat Storage 

10:00 am - 1:00 pm 

Goodhue Bike Storage

Monday, June 10 (finals)

10:00 am - noon

If you are part of commencement housing, you will receive additional information via email regarding storage availability June 11 - June 14  

How to Utilize Storage

  • Immediate Access – Identified storage locations are open for scheduled periods during peak times.
  • By Appointment – If you cannot get to storage during Immediate Access or need a different location, please fill out the Storage Appointment Request Form.
  • Each stored item must have a current storage ticket. Tickets are for the current academic year and may be purchased at the Bookstore during their regular business hours. Tickets cost $7 each for regular storage boxes and $10 each for bike.
  • Refrigerators can be no larger than 3.5 cubic feet and also require a storage ticket.
  • Expired storage items will be donated to the Lighten Up Garage Sale. Please take time each year to renew your outdated storage tickets if you do not pick up all your belongings.

Type of Storage

  • Regular Storage – This would be for students returning to campus in the fall the weekend before classes start. 
  • Off Campus Storage – This is for students who will be taking a term off-campus. Specific areas are identified each term to plan for immediate access upon a student's return.
  • Bike Storage – Very limited Indoor bike storage is available James Hall and requires a Bike Storage Ticket. Outdoor bike storage is available at Goodhue and Musser. 
  • Early Arrival – Any student arriving to campus beginning in August (i.e. Athletes, Peer Leaders, NSW Leaders, RAs, etc.)  Students who are arriving early to campus must use these locations, as they will be the only ones available for immediate access during the early arrival period.

Storage Tips

  • Storage must be in boxes, trunks, or luggage displaying a current storage ticket. Plastic bags, odd containers, or loose items will not be accepted. Skis will be accepted if bound and ticketed.
  • Furniture (including lamps) cannot be stored.
  • Students are responsible for bringing their items directly to the location.
  • A limited number of carts may available for student use and can be checked out from the storage locations. Return carts immediately after use (you will be charged for carts not returned).
  • Plan ahead. There will be days during Opening and Closing that storage access will not be available. Allow yourself enough time as many students may be accessing storage.

Packing Tips

  • Tape both top and bottom of the box with packing tape or duct tape.
  • Do not over pack your box. Make sure you will be physically able to lift your boxes on to storage shelves.
  • Do not pack food or liquids (i.e. laundry detergent, shampoo, lotion). These items can be donated to Lighten Up.
  • Tape plastic totes and drawers shut.
  • Clean your refrigerator ahead of time so it has time to defrost. It must be clean and dry before you can take it to storage.