RA Application & Interview Process

The Office of Residential Life is interested in selecting the most qualified applicants for the Resident Assistant positions. The selection process has three phases.  Not all candidates will advance through each phase.   Candidates will be evaluated based on their application materials, the group process interview, individual peer interview and residential life professional staff interview . We will also consider the current needs of the residential communities and staff teams.

Communication about the process and invitations to additional phases will be communicated to your Carleton email.

Phase I: Application & Resume

The online application and resume submission must be submitted by 11:59pm, February 27. To ensure that your application will be given full consideration, make sure that the application is complete and all information is provided.

Your resume will help us learn more about you, such as your employment and co-curricular involvement history. You will be asked to upload your resume on the application form.  The Career Center is a resource if you need assistance with your resume.  Information about this can be found at Career Center: Navigating the Application Process.

Phase II: Individual Peer Interviews & Group Process

Held on the evening of March 27 or March 28, you should arrive to the Sevy Great Hall 10 minutes before you scheduled interview time.   The interview night will feature two different experiences.  One part of the interview will involve answering questions with two current Resident Assistants and the other will be a group activity with other candidates.  You will spend approximately 30 minutes at each experience.

Individual Peer Interviews

This interview will be with two current Resident Assistants.  Various questions about your experiences and thoughts on the RA position will be asked.  You may want to consult with the Career Center staff for hints on effective interviewing. Information about this can be found on their Career Center: Navigating the Application Process.

Group Process Interview.

Each candidate will participate in the group process interview. The group process interview will also be held on the evening of March 27th or March 28th (the same night as your individual peer interview). Candidates will participate in an activity allowing the selection personnel to see the candidates in small group problem-solving situations. Your group process time will either be before or after your first individual interview.

Phase III: Individual Staff Interview

A select number of candidates are invited  back for this his interview with Residential Life Professional Staff.  You will be asked additional questions about the RA position and your experiences. This is the final phase of the process. 


Tuesday, February 13 - Application Due for Student doing Spring 16 OCS

Tuesday, February 27 - Applications Due - Phase I

Tuesday, March 27 & Wednesday March 28 - Phase II Interviews

April 3-5 - Phase 3 Individual Interviews