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The Accidentals is a women's a cappella group that requires a love of singing, a sense of fun, and a touch of insanity. We perform one major concert each term. Auditions are held in the fall and throughout the year as necessary.

Contact: Ingrid Lyons, Emily Massell, Sophie Glassford, Kara Forde, Emily Thomas

Visit our web site for more information.

African Students Association (ACA)

The objectives of AFRISA is to increase African awareness, culture, values, and create an opportunity for students of African descent to socialize and interact. We intend to achieve our objectives by engaging in activities such as dance, drama,dinners, and discussions on African issues.

Meetings: Monday 9pm Bi-weekly

Contact: Kennyi Aouad, Thato Ungwang, Jojo Kuria

Visit our web site for more information.

AIDS/HIV Awareness (AHA!)

AHA! strives to increase awareness about issues of sexuality in general, with specific focus on how to prevent the spread of HIV and other STI's. AHA! sponsors anonymous HIV/STI testing trips each term and is responsible for condom distribution on campus. We also organize Carleton's team for the Minnesota AIDS Walk every May.

Contact: Will Sheffer, Zoe Levin

Visit our web site for more information.

Amnesty International (Amnesty)

Amnesty works to inform the campus of human rights issues and violations worldwide and provide the tools for direct action. Carleton's chapter writes urgent action appeals to heads of states, tables in Sayles around current issues, and organizes a variety of other programs including speakers, films, and write-a-thons.

Meetings: Tuesdays 8pm.

Contact: Beret Fitzgerald, Hannah Anousheh, Alli DeJong

Asexual Community and Education (ACE)

ACE is a community group dedicated to creating a safe discussion and education space for those on or interested in the asexuality spectrum. This group meets weekly to discuss issues surrounding asexuality and aromanticism both within and outside of the Carleton community. We also sponsor events to promote outreach, education, and visibility on campus.

Contact: Emily Johnston

Asian Students in America (ASIA)

ASIA is an organization designed to meet the needs of Carleton’s Asian and Asian-American community. We offer a forum for members to fulfill their educational, social, and political needs. We provide to the greater community the breath and depth of Asian and Asian-American experience through events and outings open to everyone.

Meetings: Every Sunday at 2pm in one of the Sayles rooms.

Contact: Vivian Do, Michelle Chen, Lydia Chu, Meg Hine

Visit our web site for more information.

Assassins Guild

The Assassins Guild is a student-run group on campus dedicated to the pursuit of friendly competition and team-building through senseless violence. Students attempt to "kill" one another with a variety of nonlethal, though potentially annoying, weapons. Rounds are run several times throughout the term, during which participants can be seen skulking about, hiding nerf guns under trenchcoats, and engaging in mock swordfights.

Contact: Vincent DeZutti

Visit our web site for more information.

Astronomy Club

A group of students with a varied interest in astronomy, from beginning stargazers to future Edwin Hubbles. Regular club activities include weekly meetings and viewings, using the telescopes for imaging, volunteering at observatory open houses, updating the observatory’s equipment, laying on the grass and finding constellations, and training club members to use the telescopes. No astronomical background is required, just an interest and some warm clothing (during the winter)

Contact: Rachel E. Osofsky, Andrea Vang, Aurora C. Roth

Black Student Alliance (BSA)

In an attempt to bring about awareness, BSA was founded to promote issues surrounding the black community. The purpose of this organization is to foster diversity along the lines of encouraging the developmental growth of race issues within the Carleton community. The intent of this organization is to share and expose the richness of black culture with organized trips and programs to promote educational enrichment for Carleton students. We also commit ourselves to the betterment of the Carleton community as well as our members by increasing awareness about black issues and concerns. BSA seeks members that are open-minded, strong, determined and dedicated to carrying out the above mission goals.

Meetings: Meetings can fluctuate, on average we have biweekly meetings on Wednesday 7:00 p.m. at Black House.

Contact: Kenny Harvey, Kifaya Taha, Jimmy Donelson III, Joshua Reason

Visit our web site for more information.

Boxing Club (BC)

A group for those interested in learning more about the techniques of pugilism.

Contact: Andrew Harvey, Travis Fried

Campus Advocates Against Sexual Harassment and Assault (CAASHA)

CAASHA is a group of students dedicated to supporting and empowering Carleton students affected by, or with questions about, sexual harassment or assault. We are trained to: -Provide non-judgmental listening and support -Help students understand and navigate the sexual misconduct complaint process at Carleton -Offer information about additional resources both on and off campus For more information, see our website or call our phone number, x5710, to listen to an informational message or leave us a message.

Contact: Emma Freeman, Lindsey Myrick, Lindsay Turchan

Visit our web site for more information.

The Carl

The Carl was established in 1999 as a fortnightly arts and culture newspaper. It is published the Friday of second, fourth, sixth, and eighth weeks. The Carl provides a unique platform for campus conversation covering society, fine arts, literature, music, fashion, food, technology, and cinema.

Meetings: Sundays of even weeks (0th week, 2nd week, etc.) 9:00pm in Sayles 210

Contact: Marie-Louise Keen, Ben Huang, Luke Hellwig, Evan Rothman

Visit our web site for more information.

Carleton Academic Quiz Team

The Carleton Academic Quiz organization gives interested students a chance to participate in academic quiz competitions at both the intramural and intercollegiate levels. A campus tournament open to all students is offered early each fall. The intercollegiate team repesents Carleton at a variety of tournaments throughout the academic year, including regional and sometimes national championship events.

Meetings: We currently practice on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00 pm (or so) in Leighton 202, throughout the academic year.

Contact: Jordan Cahn, Gretchen Fernholz, Sarah Wang

Visit our web site for more information.

Carleton Anime Society (CAS)

The Carleton Anime Society exists to increase awareness of Japanese animation as an art form. In our attempt to make the wide variety of Japanese animation and other animation accessible, we strive to promote opportunities to experience and appreciate this phenomenon.

Meetings: We have regular screenings Thursday nights at 7 PM in Benton House.

Contact: Caitlin Donahue, Aristotle Bakke

Visit our web site for more information.

Carleton Association of Nature and Outdoor Enthusiasts (CANOE)

CANOE organizes and runs a wide variety of student led trips and activities to help Carleton students learn about and experience the outdoors. We also lend a variety of outdoor equipment for independent student use free of charge.

Meetings: Every Tuesday, 9:30 pm, CANOE house

Contact: Callum McCulloch, Kathy Dooley, David Cutler-Kreutz

Visit our web site for more information.

Carleton Bible Study Fellowship (CBSF)

CBSF is a student-led Bible study that meets weekly to seek truth through the study of the Scripture and the life of Jesus. Students of different beliefs and backgrounds come together with open minds and hearts to fellowship with and learn from each other. Worship and prayer are integral parts of the community CBSF seeks to foster.

Meetings: Tuesdays 9pm

Contact: No current contacts

Carleton Bouldering Club (CBC)

The purpose of the Carleton Bouldering Club is to provide a means for students to boulder outdoors in the fall and spring seasons and to promote the sport of bouldering on campus. The Club will stage regular trips to bouldering areas and gyms as well as sponsor competitions on campus.

Contact: Thomas Cahill, Garo Anguiano-Sainz

Carleton Bowling Club (CBC)

The CBC is Carleton's premier bowling organization on campus. The group encourages involvement, participation, and skill development in the sport of bowling in an informal and recreational setting. All skill levels welcome.

Meetings: In front of sayles at 9:00 PM on tuesdays to gather in cars to drive to Jessie James lanes

Contact: Eli Danson, Tom Grodzicki, Evan Olawsky

Carleton Buddhist Sangha (CBS)

The Carleton Buddhist Sangha offers several types of meditation and other Buddhist activities to all students (regardless of previous experience), as well as social and cultural events. Our missions is to foster a community of Buddhist practice at Carleton open to the entire campus.

Contact: Luke Hellwig

Carleton Catholic Student Association (CCSA)

Carleton Catholic Student Association is an ecumenical Catholic based organization open to the whole Carleton community that provides a creative and supportive environment for students to foster their faith. It offers opportunities for students to come together to pray, worship, listen to visiting speakers, discuss current issues, visit Catholic churches in the area, enjoy fellowship, serve others, outreach, educate themselves about Biblical and Catholic Church teachings, and have fun. It is also serves as a connection between the local St. Dominic Catholic Church and the Catholics on campus.

Contact: Jayne Pasternak, Gaston Lopez, Hannah M. Buchl

Visit our web site for more information.

Carleton College American Sign Language Club (ASL Club)

The goals of this club are promote deaf culture and awareness on campus and to learn American Sign Language (and create the opportunity for future students to do so on campus). We also want to be active in the local deaf community. Faribault, about twenty minutes away, is home to the Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf, so there are a wealth of opportunities and events at which to practice our signing skills. Within this community participation, we hope to do community service involving deaf and deaf awareness organizations--like the deaf food bank.

Contact: Rui Su

Carleton College Bridge Club

The Carleton College Bridge Club brings together students interested in learning bridge, brushing up their skills at the game or sharing their bridge expertise. We meet weekly to play, but drop-ins are welcome!

Meetings: Noon on Sundays!

Contact: Michael Wheatman

Carleton College Chess Club (CCCC)

Chess Club's purpose is to play chess. We welcome players of all skill levels to compete in a friendly environment in order to improve their chess abilities. We will have meetings twice every week and hold our annual Carleton Open in the winter as well as participate in other chess functions depending on the interests of members. We also provide instruction at local schools' chess clubs.

Meetings: Varies term to term depending on member availability. In recent terms we have met Wednesday nights at 7:30 in Sayles.

Contact: Tanner McNamara

Visit our web site for more information.

Carleton College Chinese Chess Club (CCCCC)

Instead of squares, the Chinese Chess board is a series of lines, and the Carleton College Chinese Chess Club warmly welcomes players of all skill levels to this uniquely Eastern ancient strategy game. Beginners will quickly learn how to play, whilst veterans shall share their experience in friendly competition with other players. Frequency of sessions during the week will depend on the interests of members, and every game is something to learn and develop from.

Meetings: Thursday 7-8pm Upper Sayles

Contact: Richard Liu

Carleton College Game Development Club (GameDev)

The CCGDC is dedicated to the discussion and practice of video game development. Our focus is the hands-on production of game projects. Programmers, artists, designers, musicians, and everyone else with a practical interest are welcome.

Contact: Marcus C. Huderle, Noah J. Carnahan, Kiley Maki

Visit our web site for more information.

Carleton College Medical Brigades (CCMB)

Carleton College Medical Brigades (CCMB) provides a unique opportunity for students to gain exposure to and create sustainable healthcare solutions in under-resourced communities abroad. There are yearly, weeklong brigades where students have the opportunity to work with local pharmacists and physicians on “community-driven projects” to ensure that the higher levels of healthcare achieved can be sustained after departure from the area. (quote from a Global Brigades information packet)

Contact: Kirstin Cook, Katarina Swanson, Kate Crofton, Bektu Solomon, Grace Sassana

Carleton College Model United Nations Team (CarlMUN)

The Model United Nations Team (“MUN Team”) organizes Model United Nations simulations, trains for and attends off-campus Model United Nations conferences and works to increase awareness of the United Nations.

Contact: Joe Burson, John Davidson, Henry Gordon, Aditya Nagendran, Kabir Sarjan, Bailey Ulbricht

Visit our web site for more information.

Carleton College Republicans (CCR)

The Carleton College Republicans is a student organization dedicated to expanding the reach and scope of Republican principles at Carleton College. The organization will work to promote the discussion and acceptance of Republican and conservative ideas and policy positions on the Carleton Campus, as well as and to develop political and leadership abilities among members as preparation for future service to the party, community and country. In doing so, the organization will discuss Republican principles within the membership of the club, in order to create a better definition, understanding and consistency in the parties ideals and goals. We affirm the principles of individual liberty, limited government, personal responsibility, opportunity for all, free markets and equality of rights as necessary for a just and free society. By mobilizing, organizing and advancing the causes of conservative students at Carleton, we shall shift the center of debate and politics towards the cause of liberty and uphold the ideals upon which Carleton College was founded, so help us God.

Contact: Vincent Spinner

Carleton Competitive Ballroom and Latin Dance Team

Our purpose is to develop and master skills and techniques for ballroom dancing in order to compete at USA Dance and collegiate competitions. Additionally, our purpose is to maintain our status as a club sport at Carleton.

Meetings: Fridays 3:45pm-5:15pm, Cowling Gymnasium Dance Studio Saturdays and Sundays 4pm-5:30pm, Cowling Gymnasium Dance Studio Tuesdays and Thursdays Open Practice 9pm-11pm, Cowling Gymnasium Dance Studio

Contact: Carolyn Harris, Nathaniel Strauss, Emma Sunog

Visit our web site for more information.

Carleton Consulting Club (CCC)

***Purpose of the Organization and Types of Programming: Carleton Consulting Club aims to provide its member with information about the consulting industry, what consultants do and how to break into this competitive field. Members of Carleton Consulting Club will benefit from: • Networking opportunities to connect students with Carleton alumni in the consulting industry • Weekly meetings to practice solving business cases and to discuss business/ economic news • Mock interviews to help students gain skills and experiences for their job and internship search • Learning to improve their resumes based on resume templates specifically made for the consulting industry

Contact: Jenny Zhang, Mike Habermann, Lindsey Main, Kate (Ha) Pham

Carleton Contact Improv!

A group of students excited about sustaining a contact improv community at Carleton. We hold frequent open contact jams, exchanges with nearby contact improv groups and support each other in exploring and developing our contact improvisation practice.

Contact: Anna Chance

Carleton Democrats (Carl Dems)

Carleton Democrats is an organization dedicated to giving students the opportunity to participate in and learn about national, state, and local politics. As the Carleton branch of the Democratic National Committee we support the ideals of the Democratic party and strive to advance those ideals on campus, in the community, and in the state.

Meetings: Tuesdays at 9:30 in Sayles-Hill Lounge

Contact: Becca Wiersma, Sage Mitch, Chet Aldrich, Joe Burson, Zayn Saifullah

Visit our web site for more information.

Carleton Developers Exchange (DevX)

Carleton Developers Exchange (DevX) is dedicated to providing a collaborative space for students interested in developing their computer science, design, or marketing skills, and using those skills to build projects together. We have three main goals: BUILD—DevX develops applications as teams using the same technologies that software and web development companies use to build products in the real world. LEARN—The members of DevX have diverse technical skillsets and interests. In addition to sharing this knowledge with each other formally and informally, the group hosts workshops to promote technical literacy in the Carleton community at large. CONNECT—The Carleton alumni network is incredibly supportive, and DevX works with alumni and other professionals in the Twin Cities and elsewhere to host talks and build career preparedness among its members.

Contact: Ken Schiller, Adam Canady, Matt Cotter, Joseph Slote, Yawen Chen

Carleton Dominion Club

The Carleton Dominion Club serves to provide opportunities to play board games, especially the deck building game Dominion. The Carleton Dominion Club will organize regular Dominion gaming session that will be open to the entire Carleton community.

Contact: Sarah Milstein

Carleton Emergency Medical Technicians (CEMTs)

Carleton Emergency Medical Technicians supports and organizes students certified as EMTs, by the National Registry or by a state, and students who intend to become certified. Our activities include volunteering with a regional ambulance service and attending continuing education opportunities.

Contact: Colin Froines, Annie Batten

Carleton Entrepreneur and Social Entrepreneur Club (CESEC)

We have gathered together with a common interest in entrepreneurship. Some of us have background knowledge about the field while others have never been exposed to it. However the background, we each carry diverse knowledge that will come together to be an invaluable asset to the club and to the Carleton community. Entrepreneurship is a collective concept that requires leadership, creativity, and social awareness. We, as Carleton College's first Entrepreneurship Club, plan to cultivate entrepreneur mindset throughout this community.

Contact: Yawen Chen

Carleton Fiction Workshop

The purpose of the writing workshop is to establish a community of young creative writers who are looking for feedback on short stories, poems, novellas or novel chapters. A fiction workshop is meant to have a closed discussion by the members of the group critically analyzing and providing feedback on the each other's work. The fiction workshop will meet weekly, and will create a listserve where writers can email their work to the group. Work is only shared among members of the group, and members are responsible for maintaining confidentiality, printing out the stories, and provide constructive criticism.

Contact: Madeline J. Crowell, Emily Bernard

Carleton Figure Skating Club (CFSC)

The Carleton Figure Skating Club is Carleton's figure skating and figure skating interest group. Members range from professional skaters to those who have never set foot on the ice. Members do not need to skate to be part of the club, they only need to be interested in the sport. Activities include trips to local skating rinks and touring ice show performances, local coaching opportunities, gatherings for viewings of skating events, among others.

Contact: Kit Pavlekovsky

Carleton Folkdancers

Dance, dance, dance! Enjoy the finest in peasant diversions and come and dance with us. We are an international folk dance group doing dances from the US, England, Eastern Europe, Israel, and all points east. No experience or coordination required!

Meetings: Class meets on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8-9:10 in the Rec Dance Studio. If you've taken the class before, feel free to stop by!

Contact: Taylor Mayhall, Camille Allen

Carleton Forensics Society (Debate Team)

The Carleton Forensics Society is a student-run organization devoted to competitive speaking. We primarily compete in Parliamentary Debate and Individual Events, and are currently building an LD program. We travel both locally and nationally and achieve success at all levels. CFS is open to anyone interested in honing their speaking skills through an intellectually challenging activity.

Meetings: Leighton 304 Tuesday 8:00 p.m Thursday 8:00 p.m.

Contact: Christopher Winter, Cal Ellowitz

Visit our web site for more information.

Carleton Graphic

The Carleton Graphic provides a fun and open space for Carleton students to display their artistic and literary talents through the publication of a comics anthology three times a term.

Meetings: Meetings are held in the Weitz Center for Creativity at 1:00pm every Saturday.

Contact: Eli Skinner, Victoria Dan, Madeline King, Kera Ling

Visit our web site for more information.

Carleton Gymnastics Club

The Carleton Gymnastics Club provides students from the Carleton and St. Olaf communities with opportunities to practice gymnastics informally. No experience required to join. All are welcome to come and just jump on trampolines. Contact Geoff Leung.

Meetings: Wednesdays 8:45pm to 10:00pm, meet in front of Sayles

Contact: John Ficklin, Laura Biester

Visit our web site for more information.

Carleton Hamar Alliance (CHA)

Global Team for Local Initiatives is an NGO founded by Lori Pappas that works closely with the Hamar Tribe in developing community organized projects, including clean water, adult literacy, and the housing of abandoned children. Revenue for funding these projects is generated through the selling of bracelets made from women in the Tribe. Carleton Hamar Alliance initiates activities that support GTLI’s efforts and informs the Carleton Student Body about Carleton’s connection with the Tribe.

Contact: Bakhtawar Chaudhary

Carleton Hi-Fi Club (CHIFI)

The Carleton Hi-Fi Club aims to foster the love of music through the appreciation of great-sounding music and the equipment that makes great sound possible. Essentially, we aim to ponder the sonic delights and delicacies hidden deep within all recorded audio media, be they analog or digital, as well as talk about the bleeding edge in stereo sound reproduction. Those interested need not possess an expensive stereo system, they need only the desire to delve deeply into a delicious degustation of divine sound.

Contact: Mark Hermanson, John R. Stromme

Carleton In and Out (CIaO)

Carleton In and Out (CIAO) is a welcoming, queer centered group open to Carleton's LGBTA and questioning community. We meet every other week to hang out, eat, and discuss all kinds of queer-themed topics. CIAO works to make meetings open, safe, confidential, and welcoming to all. For more information about meetings, come visit the Gender and Sexuality Center (basement Scoville) or contact one of the people listed with this description.

Meetings: We meet every other week, usually in a classroom. Everyone is welcome at our meetings. That includes friends and allies!

Contact: Russel Peterson

Visit our web site for more information.

Carleton Inland Sailing Club

The Carleton Sailing Club focuses on introducing students to the basics of small boat sailing, competing in the Midwest's growing sailing conference, and just having fun on the water.

Contact: Travis K. Nordgaard, William H. Ladner

Visit our web site for more information.

Carleton Investment Group (CIG)

The Carleton Investment Group seeks to educate Carleton students about the world of investments and finance through discussion and other learning opportunities.

Meetings: Monday Nights in Leighton

Contact: Claudia Schachter, Philip Xiao, Shenlun Wang, Sophia Roman

Visit our web site for more information.

Carleton Juggling F.I.S.H. (FISH)

F.I.S.H. is devoted to developing the art of thumbing one's nose at gravity. All skill levels are welcome. Come explore all aspects of the art as well as contribute to new performance pieces focused on advanced technical juggling, movement, and maybe even some theater. Opportunities for performance, community service, and fun abound.

Contact: Dylan Forbes, Eric Walker, Nick Lorenz, Joe Adkisson

Visit our web site for more information.

Carleton League of Independent Filmmakers (CLIF)

The Carleton League of Independent Filmmakers provides students access to necessary materials for independent film production. It also aims to support aspiring independent filmmakers by putting them in contact with other interested parties who can help them with their projects, thereby fostering the collaborative aspect of film production here at Carleton.

Contact: Connor Einarsen, Takeshi Hidaka, Camille Sanchez

Carleton Literary Association (CLAP)

The Carleton Literary Association will provide a forum for students to express their thoughts on a variety of campus issues in a variety of ways and work with editors in a professional environment. We will be open to submissions from any student, staff or faculty member on campus, but reserve the right of editorial control over all submissions. Due to editors' extensive communication with contributors, the Carleton Literary Association will provide an entirely writer-/artist-driven public mouthpiece. Unlike other papers on campus, we will embrace all forms of creative expression and focus solely on campus issues, thus providing a timely and intelligent exploration of activities and events of importance to members of the campus community. In so doing, we intend to gather public opinion and promote discussion and awareness of topics of utmost relevance to the campus. Realizing, however, the ramifications of such a public venture, all submissions, letters to the editor, and anything expressing views, be it in written format or otherwise, must be accompanied by a name, so as to properly establish agency. The Carleton Literary Association accepts no responsibility, legal or otherwise, for the views expressed by its submitters. In addition, any submission known to contain falsehoods above and beyond literary hyperbole, will be denoted with an asterisk.

Contact: Zoey Gold, Ingrid Lyons, Will Sheffer, Harrison Reeder

Visit our web site for more information.

Carleton Magic:The Gathering Club (CMTG)

The goals of the Carleton Magic:The Gathering Club are both to introduce new players to the game of Magic, as well as provide an organized environment for players to find games. The club will host drafts and other tournaments intended to be accommodating to both new players and experienced ones. Public or loaner cards may be available for players with none of their own to play with.

Meetings: Monday 7:00PM

Contact: Andrew Elenbogen, Richard Lin, Zach Raph

Carleton Martial Arts Club (CMAC)

CMAC exists to educate and train martial artists. Combat sports are rigorous, demanding and require unwavering attention to detail and training. At CMAC we are committed to the creation of well rounded and skilled martial artists. We offer three distinct yet connected classes. Boxing class is specifically for hand combat skills. This is sport fighting at it's finest with combatants required to use only their skill with hands to score on their opponent. It requires great skill as you are so near your opponent and in the "strike zone." Jiu-Jitsu and MMA class is a mixed martial arts class designed to train students in all aspects of mixed martial arts from stand up striking to the infamous techniques of combat Jiu-Jitsu. We specialize in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The final class is Krav Maga. Krav Maga is a strictly combat self-defense class with absolutely no ties to sport fighting. It's purpose is to defend ones self in the most perilous real world scenarios against attackers seeking to harm you or someone you are with. Training is realistic and takes into account crime statistics, real world scenarios and modern weapons (knives, guns, batons, rifles). It is combat system tested in combat the world over and is rapidly becoming the dominant system for law enforcement, military and body guards. It's practice is completely independent from size and strength and it is designed as one system for men and women. It is simple and effective in preparing students for the worst case scenario.

Meetings: Meeting times determined at the start of each term

Contact: Andrew Harvey, Jonathan Bisila

The Carleton Mixed Community (MIXED)

The Carleton Mixed Community (MIXED) aims to foster community for biracial/multiracial students as well as others coming from mixed backgrounds, whether they be related to class, culture, heritage, or religion. The group meets weekly to discuss topics such as issues of identity, interracial marriage, and struggles with acceptance. We hope to maintain a support coalition for mixed students through frequent club meetings and social outings. In addition, we strive to bring awareness to issues of multi-identity and cultural diversity through hosting campus-wide discussions, bringing speakers to campus, and collaborations with other cultural organizations.

Contact: Serena Chalaka, Gabriella Chen

Carleton Players (Players)

Carleton Players is dedicated to producing and supporting drama at Carleton. Its primary purpose is assisting in the production of Players shows, but its functions extend to the support of other activities. These include sponsoring workshops pertaining to acting or technical theater, trips to off-campus theatrical productions, and other activities related to theater. Carleton Players produces three faculty-directed plays per year. Students become members by participating in three productions in at least two capacities.

Contact: Josh Davids, Mairead Koehler, Sarah Tan, Emily Shack, Jackson Raynor, Mike Bahn

Visit our web site for more information.

Carleton Poker Club

The purpose of the organization is to provide an opportunity for the students who are interested in learning and playing the game of poker(no limit Texas Hold'em). We hope that the establishing of the club can foster the culture of this game on campus.

Contact: Ken Wang

Carleton Political Activism Cooperative (CarlPAC)

CarlPAC understands the importance of citizenship as part of an individuals lives. Therefore, we aim to provide opportunities for political engagement to the student body of Carleton. We will have a non-biased structure and help students create a collective voice for change where interest exists. Through contacts with other student organizations as well as larger political movements, we coordinate activism. We also aim to provide students with a variety of political education events that cater to all levels of interest and present awareness.

Meetings: 8PM Wednesday, Sayles-Hill Lounge

Contact: Omar Kaufman, Raina van Duym, Forrest S. McKnight, Annaliese K. Ehlen, Henry Gordon

Carleton Pre-Med Association (CPA)

The purpose of CPA is to: (1) Increase the number of minority undergraduate students going into the pre-health professions, (2) Serve as a resource of admission and advising of pre-health information, (3) Increase exposure of minority pre-health students to health related graduate institutions, health professions, and the medical field in general, (4) Provide community service to the greater Northfield community, and (5) Increase awareness of the Carleton College community to health issues facing minority and low- income communities.

Meetings: Every other Saturday @ 1:15pm in Sayles 253.

Contact: Jody He, Bing Shui, Cynthia Chang, Preethiya Sekar, Grace Babbs

Visit our web site for more information.

Carleton Quest Scholars Chapter (CQS)

The Carleton Quest Scholars Chapter aims to unite all students – Quest Scholars and the campus at large – under a supportive academic and social community. As part of the national Quest Scholars network, we seek to promote scholarship, leadership, and service in the Carleton community and beyond, and advance meaningful success for students in spite of all difficulties, especially socioeconomic difficulties. We also seek to promote access to higher education and promote greater understanding across all classes, with the belief that “where you end up doesn’t have to be defined by where you begin.”

Contact: Kifaya Taha, Lisa Qiu, Sasha Blinnikova, Gaston Lopez, Jenny Nguyen

Carleton Random Acts of Kindness Club (CRAKC)

Have you ever wanted to approach a stranger and cheer up their day? Now you can! This club intends to spread joy throughout Carleton and the rest of Northfield. Random benevolent activities can either be gifts or services. It can be anything from chocolates to spontaneous songs. Help us spread benevolence!

Meetings: Sundays at noon in upper sayles

Contact: Erica Sheline, Russel Peterson

Carleton Robotics Team

The Carleton Robotics Team was established in 2004 for the purpose of educating students and the community about the wonderful world of robotics. As a multidisciplinary field, including elements of computer science, design, engineering, and physics, we welcome everyone with interest who is willing to work as a team. We also welcome those with an interest in economics, marketing, and business, as we will need raise and handle quite a bit of money. Some goals of the club are to participate in intercollegiate robotics competitions, hold hands-on learning events on campus and in the community at local schools, and conduct special research with professors.

Meetings: Olin 206, Mondays at 8pm

Contact: Ross Jennings

Visit our web site for more information.

Carleton Role Playing Association (CRPA)

The Carleton Role Playing Association is a group dedicated to the promotion and active encouragement of role playing games and role playing activities at Carleton College. We are an organization that joins together the various active role playing groups and games into a cohesive unit to increase participation in the hobby and help better coordinate and facilitate the various games run on a term basis. The Carleton Role Playing Association is also in charge of the Experimental Role Playing Laboratory (ERPL) which is an event consisting of several one-shot sessions of role-playing games, whether they're established games like Dungeons & Dragons, Shadowrun, or World of Darkness, or new systems and worlds that people invent and test.

Meetings: Variable; contact individual gamemasters for more information.

Contact: Quinn Radich, Soren Hopkins, John Ficklin, Patrick Stephen

Visit our web site for more information.

Carleton Rugcutters (Rugcutters)

The Rugcutters bring Lindy Hop dancing and culture to the entire Carleton community by offering lessons, workshops, weekly dances, and excursions up to the Cities and beyond.

Meetings: Monday nights, 9:30 - 11:00. Weitz Dance Studio 168.

Contact: Casper Kelly, Choto Chotocruz, Lianne Siegel

Visit our web site for more information.

Carleton Runners Enjoying Every Pace (CREEP)

The club will serve two main purposes: to promote an awareness of healthy living through the aerobic exercise of running and two, to serve as a place where runners of all levels ( beginners, intermediates, professionals, etc) can come together and just run. We want people to understand that running is one of the many art forms that the human body can truly master, when hard work and dedication are applied, and that they do not have to have had any prior experience in the act of running.

Contact: Yeon Jang, Tyler Spaeth, Wren Wells

Carleton Singing Knights

Carleton's oldest all male a cappella group. We're a group of between 8 and 12 guys who sing songs with genres ranging from traditional to pop rock, and give concerts at Carleton and other exotic locales throughout Minnesota.

Meetings: Tues, Thu, Sun 8pm Dacie Moses

Contact: Danny O'Neill, Danny Hanson, Harrison Reeder, Andrew Yang

Visit our web site for more information.

Carleton Slacklining Club

This group is meant to serve as a gathering place where slackliners of all levels can get together, share their skills and teach each less experienced members. Hopefully with a large member turnout we would be able to assemble large slackline courses and hold competitions.

Contact: Danny Hanson, Gavin Allman

Carleton Slam Poetry Collective (CSPC)

The mission of the Carleton Slam Poetry Collective (CSPC) is to cultivate an appreciation of spoken word, performance poetry, and slam poetry at Carleton College by creating a safe space for a mixed collective of student writers, poets, and artists during our weekly workshops and events. CSPC also aims to showcase these artist through local and national competition and regularly occurring all-campus open mics. Lastly, CSPC encourages the participation of the local Northfield community by collaborating with the local high school and middle school.

Meetings: 5:00PM - 6:30PM on Fridays

Contact: Isabel Carter, Britney Fryer

Visit our web site for more information.

Carleton Smash Bros Community (CSBC)

The Carleton Smash Bros Community seeks to build a community of gaming enthusiasts with an interest pertaining to Super Smash Bros. Through our weekly meetings we will seek to foster a community where players can discuss strategy, increase skill level, or come to play for fun.

Meetings: Biweekly tournaments

Contact: Tom Grodzicki, Lucas Rossi, Zack Considine, Malcom Fox

Carleton Squash Club

The purpose of the Carleton Squash Club is to allow students of all abilities to receive squash instruction and to serve as a medium for competitive, organized play. The Squash Club endeavors to join the Minnesota Squash Association and engage in competitive intercollegiate play.

Meetings: We schedule ladder matches for all members who are interested (contact a club official). We also conduct a tournament at the end of every term.

Contact: Zach Edinburgh, Caroline von Klemperer, Charlie Kilman

Carleton Student Association Senate (CSA Senate)

The Carleton Student Association Senate is established to improve the life of Carleton Students by providing the organization necessary to express student opinions and ideas, and to take action to attain our goals. We believe that as students we have certain rights, and have concomitant responsibilities to ourselves, the academic community, and society. It shall be the purpose of the CSA to work to uphold these rights and responsibilities by funding, helping organize, and providing other support to students and student organizations.

Meetings: Monday, 7pm, Weitz Meeting Room

Contact: Becca Giles, Marielle Foster, Matt Cotter, Serena Chalaka

Visit our web site for more information.

Carleton Table Tennis Club

Devoted to a sport that crosses cultural boundaries, the Carleton Table Tennis Club is a community designed to challenge experienced players, allow intermediate players to improve, and introduce beginners to what makes table tennis so unique. People of all ages, physical abilities, and backgrounds are welcome to hone their skills or play a relaxing game with friends.

Meetings: Thursdays and Sundays, 5:15 PM to 7 PM and 2:15 PM to 4 PM, respectively.

Contact: Zach Walsh, Nathan Rockey, Suneet Dewan

Visit our web site for more information.

Carleton Take Back the Tap (TBTT)

Take Back the Tap is an activist organization dedicated to eliminating bottled water on Carleton’s campus, expanding Carleton’s water infrastructure and access to local water, and raising awareness about water privatization in the United States and abroad.

Contact: Courtney Lunger, Kazia Mermel, Emma Hughes, Lisa Qiu, Darcy Mishkind

Carleton Television Network (CTN)

Carleton Television Network exists to provide the Carleton community with a televised platform for current events, campus news and special interest programming to spread knowledge and encourage discussion. • Our target audience is first and foremost the Carleton College Community; students, alumni, faculty, and families. Our productions are also relevant to both local and global communities. • Carleton Television Network is a volunteer based student run organization

Meetings: Mondays @ 8pm in Upper Sayles Shoot Saturdays @ 11AM in the Weitz Center Studios

Contact: Ken Schiller, Jacob D. Hamalian

Visit our web site for more information.

Carleton Trap Shooting Club (CTSC)

This club is created in order to: -Provide a place where people can talk about guns, shooting, gun rights and related topics in an environment where they will not be attacked for their views. -organize trips to shooting ranges -organize trips to firearm related events -teach and promote firearms safety -introduce people to different shooting disciplines and styles and provide basic instruction

Contact: Robert Chen, Ximou Song

Visit our web site for more information.

Carleton Ultimate Team (CUT)

In 1984, the Carleton Ultimate Team was spawned from a team named the Frisbee Union of Carleton Knights. Since the Carleton Ultimate Team's inception, the team has steadily risen to become one of the nation's dominant teams in college ultimate. During this growth, more and more people have shown an interest in playing for CUT. Players have included talented football players, soccer players, tennis players, cross-country runners, and, of course, high school ultimate players.

Contact: Simon A. Johansen, John Raynolds, Duncan Sallstrom

Visit our web site for more information.

Carleton's Organized Radicals and Leftists (CORAL)

Carleton's Organized Radicals, Activists, and Leftists (CORAL) are committed to providing an alternative to the current two party system. The current system stifles the voices of the people, allows corporate interests to dictate national policy, and further entrenches the white, upper-class patriarchy. We seek to support social justice at Carleton and around the country participating in political demonstrations, organizing events, and encouraging viewpoints that are generally dismissed at Carleton.

Meetings: Tuesdays at 10PM in WHOA (Huntington) House

Contact: Abhimanyu Lele, Angely Guevara, Will Sheffer, Kathryn Melendez, Vincent DeZutti, Madeline Geitz, David Atkinson, Russel Peterson, Sam Neubauer, Gus Leinbach

Visit our web site for more information.

The Carletonian

The Carletonian is Carleton's independent, student-run newspaper that is published weekly, eight times a term. All members of the Carleton community are encouraged to become involved in a writing, layout, photography or editorial capacity.

Meetings: Monday evenings at 8:30 PM

Contact: J.M. Hanley, Drew Higgins, Jack Noble

Visit our web site for more information.

Carls creating Political Atmosphere/Discussion (CPAD)

The Carls creating Political Atmosphere and Dialogue (CPAD) is a moderate political organization that primarily spreads awareness about domestic political issues in the United States. This club aims to inform people about these political issues through public events. The club also serves as a platform for other organizations, both off and on campus, to present actions that work towards solving these issues. To help achieve these goals we would be working with other organizations, both within campus and outside.

Contact: Takuya Amagai, Eric Tallman, Ben Strauss

Carls' Card

As the current Carleton community lacks student-made postcards for alumni, perspective students and current students, Carls’ Card is here to provide Carl-made postcards, which publicize and commemorate what it means to attend Carleton.

Contact: Wanqi Yu, Rose Chen, Jay Shen


For centuries, humans have attempted to translate the mental and physical attributes of our surroundings into tangible representations of the world. In this process of map-making, or cartography, we inevitably encounter a set of questions: how do you define the purpose of the map? How do you decide on the characteristics that will serve your purpose, carefully orchestrating the elements of the map to convey its message to its audience? How do you accomplish simplicity without losing accuracy? In many ways, these questions highlight the intimacy and complexity of cartography; they tell us that maps from the past and present not only reflect human perceptions of physical spaces, but also reflect intimate narratives of a highly personal and creative process. Thus we believe that maps are more about their makers than the places they describe. We present to you Carltography, an organization explores the world through the art of map making. Our purpose is to provide a creative forum for cartographers at Carleton. However, anyone is invited to attend: this club will serve Carleton community members who have an interest in cartography, and more broadly, in the richness of the Carleton community and the world as a whole. Our organization will be a forum for sharing experiences and perspectives of the past, present and the future. We will have regular gatherings, during which we will work on one or more term-long mapping projects. The maps will range from the local to the global, from the mundane to the extraordinary, from shallow to intimate. All of our projects will be shared with the Carleton community, either as art exhibitions or as publications, which will foster a sense of connection with our immediate and distant surroundings.

Contact: Peter Barron, Vayu Maini Rekdal, Jackson Vanfleet Brown

Visit our web site for more information.

The Cave

The Cave strives to provide a space for Carleton students to socialize, study, and enjoy entertainment on campus. Whether as a coffee house, special event, or a venue for on campus or off campus bands, the Cave's versatility makes it a place where any student can find something to enjoy.

Contact: Caffi Meyer, Jackson Hudgins, Nora Gregor

Visit our web site for more information.

Chelsea 11:17

CHELSEA 11:17 is an open performance group dedicated to encouraging student writing and performance. We meet about every other Friday night at 11:17 in Little Nourse Theater and it is open to anyone and everyone on campus who is interested in performing, having their pieces performed, or simply watching. CHELSEA (Creative Handwritten Episodes Lovingly Submitted or Extracted from Ass) provides Carleton students a creative outlet in which to stick their metaphorical forks.

Meetings: Approximately every other Friday 11:17 PM

Contact: Rebecca Stimson, Nora Katz, Zach Richmond

Chinese Club

The Chinese Club was founded as a resource for expanding and increasing the awareness of the Chinese culture and language at Carleton. It serves the needs of Chinese community, promotes interactions between Chinese and American students, and encourages those interested in learning about China and its culture.

Meetings: Sundays, 2:30-3:30 pm, Sayles 252.

Contact: Ruiqi Geng, Sijin Chen, Yijun He, Yawen Chen, Jay Shen

Visit our web site for more information.

The Cigar & Pipe Society

The Cigar & Pipe Society is intended to allow members of the Carleton community to enjoy, appreciate and explore handcrafted cigars and other fine tobaccos. The organization is dedicated to accommodating people at all levels of cigar and pipe experience, from novice to connoisseur. We believe that the enjoyment of fine cigars allows us to slow down and savor the finer moments in life, especially in our modern, fast-paced world. As Maestro Franz Liszt once said, "A good Cuban cigar closes the door to the vulgarities of the world." As scholars who are constantly subjected to the rigors of academia, we hope that our society can provide respite from the adversities of everyday life.

Contact: Will Salon, Charlie Bloom

Climate Justice Coalition (CJC)

Climate Justice Coalition's mission is to raise awareness and activism about climate change on campus. We seek to engage in various activities to increase understanding about the issue and engage in campaigns on campus to do our part to fight climate change at Carleton.

Meetings: Leighton 426, Thursdays at 8

Contact: Mia Orans, Yuping Huang, Sam Neubauer, Thomas Cahill, Brent Murcia

Coalition of Hmong Students (CHS)

Nyob zoo!! (Hello!) Coalition of Hmong Students is an organization dedicated to providing and enhancing the awareness of the Hmong culture at Carleton and the surrounding communities. CHS also exists as a group for those who would like to learn more about the Hmong people and culture. Everyone is encouraged to join in on the fun of organizing and celebrating events that CHS sponsors and hosts throughout the year.

Meetings: Thursdays 6-7pm in Leighton 236, will fluctuate depending on room availability.

Contact: Chielon Yang, Jonathon Liou, Panhia Yang, Jennifer Lor, Michael Vue

Visit our web site for more information.

Coalition of Women of Color (COWOC)

The Coalition of Women of Color (COWOC) is dedicated to creating a welcoming environment for Carleton women of color. We provide support through academic and social activities.

Meetings: Meeting schedule TBD

Contact: Jeong Lim, Jumaanah Flowers, Raina van Duym, Emily Matsuda

Visit our web site for more information.

Collective for Women's Issues (CWI)

CWI is an umbrella organization that provides avenues for community services, political action, and consciousness raising for those interested in feminist and social justice issues at Carleton. In addition, CWI serves as a personal support group for women at Carleton.

Meetings: 8:00pm Thursdays at Women's Awareness (Berg) House.

Contact: Celia Mattison, Nora Munger, Nora White

Visit our web site for more information.

Compassionate and Sustainable Consuming (CSC)

The mission of Compassionate and Sustainable Consuming (CSC) is to create a dialogue surrounding the ethical, social, and environmental injustices that emerge from participating in a society heavily dependent on animal exploitation. CSC is committed to educating consumers about the issues inherent in animal agriculture and factory farming through awareness raising events. Understanding the connections between how our everyday choice of whether or not to consume animal products/ byproducts impacts the planet, our health, world hunger, and the lives of our fellow earthlings, engenders compassionate change. Our organization welcomes vegetarians, vegans, flexetarians, omnivores, and anyone interested in creating a better world.

Contact: Helenmarie McHugh, Matthew Elfstrand, Florence Wong


Carleton's oldest comedic troupe, specializing in short-form improv. Carleton's answer to Whose Line. "Cujokra" is a Zulu Prayer meaning "bring us the harvest."

Contact: Brady Soglin, Peter Centner, David Pickart

Cycling Club

Carleton Cycling Club exists to promote cycling and cycling racing at the College. The club organizes regular group rides in the spring. Some members also participate in competitive collegiate cycling races.

Contact: Drew Polasky, Emily Balczewski

Visit our web site for more information.


The purpose of DIY (Do It Yourself) is to bring together students with a common interest in crafting, building, repurposing, and other hand-made projects. Activities include fiber arts, paper arts, sewing, jewelry making, clothing alteration, screen printing, and more. When possible, emphasis will be placed on using recycled materials. The hope is to establish an organized setting for students of any skill level to learn and work on projects alongside each other. We are also interested in organizing community activities with Northfield kids and discussing interesting current art developments. Overall, DIY will provide a creative outlet for students.

Contact: Alexandra Guy, Chrissie Deutsch

The DL

The DL provides a creative outlet for those interested in reading and writing about sports in a critical, reflective, and interesting way. It attempts to draw on multiple perspectives, creating a realm of expression for the sports-inclined. It differs from other campus publications in its exclusive dedication to sports, not limiting itself to sports at Carleton. We strive to dispel the notion that thinking and sports are mutually exclusive.

Contact: Douglas Totten

Doh Burma Community (DBC)

Dòh Burma Community is an organization that aims to create awareness and understanding of Burmese culture and issues, as well as to establish avenues of support for the people of Myanmar/Burma who are in need.

Meetings: Monday, 8pm @Asia House (Hunt Cottage) And other ad hoc activities.

Contact: No current contacts

Drum Collective (DC)

The purpose of the Drum Collective is to provide, house, oversee, repair, and distribute a drum set that will be open to all students at Carleton for use in campus or local concerts. As the drum set does not belong to any one person because it was bought with donations, this organization is meant to act as an overseer of the set, taking responsibility for its use and ensuring it gets to all that wish to use it. This organization is not concerned with organizing student concerts or creating a group of like-minded drummers (although this will surely happen otherwise), but aims to simply providing equipment that the school does not provide, and ensuring that it is fairly done.

Contact: Sebastian B. Bouknight, Max Kritzer, David R. Tullis

Drum Union

The Drum Union is the organization that represents drummers at Carleton. The main purpose of the organization is to own and maintain the only student drum set on campus. The Drum Union also unites drummers, organizing drummer/drumming events and facilitating communication for bands looking for drummers or vice versa.

Contact: No current contacts

East Asia Study Group

The East Asia Study Group is an organization of Carleton students dedicated to better understanding the growing global political and economic influence of East Asia and to generating dialogue and cooperation between East Asian societies and our own. The nations of East Asia represent some of the most dynamic economic success stories of the last half century, as well as flashpoints of international politics. From China’s unparalleled course of development to the lingering threat of armed conflict on the Korean Peninsula, the region presents both immense opportunities and sobering challenges. It is the mission of the East Asia Study Group to bring attention to these issues by engaging the wider Carleton community with the people, events, and trends that are shaping the region.

Meetings: Thursdays at 7:30pm in Willis 211

Contact: Maximilian Esslinger, Takuya Amagai, Jackson Bahn

Visit our web site for more information.

Ebony II

The purpose of Ebony II is to offer all interested students (regardless of previous dance experience) an opportunity to express themselves through dance, choreography, and dance production. Members have the chance to participate in weekly group rehearsals and in large-scale performances, as well as share their dance and production experience with the local community.

Contact: Elisabeth Massey

Visit our web site for more information.


Eclipse is a competitive ultimate frisbee team at Carleton College. Eclipse competes at the D3 intercollegiate level and is competitive at the national level. In 2011, Eclipse won D3 Nationals in Buffalo, NY, and in 2012, placed 3rd at Nationals in Appleton, WI. Eclipse players love having fun, dancing, and challenging each other on the field!

Contact: Marina Watowich, Claire H. Leichter

Engineers Without Borders - Carleton College (EWB-CC)

The mission of Engineers Without Borders - Carleton College (EWB-CC) is to partner with developing communities around the world in order to improve their quality of life. We work to implement engineering projects that are both environmentally and economically sustainable. We achieve these goals through cooperation with local professional engineers, fellow institutions, and Engineers Without Borders - USA. By forming long lasting relationships with the communities, we are better able to serve their needs in an efficient and manner. EWB-CC offers undergraduate students experiences in research, practical engineering, and social responsibility.

Meetings: Every Tuesday in Olin 103 at 7:15pm

Contact: Connor Hodges, Tenzin Rigden, Guthrie T. Cunningham

Visit our web site for more information.

Exit 69

Exit 69 is a co-ed a cappella vocal group which performs original arrangements of selections from a variety of musical styles. A sense of humor, creativity and a willingness to be daring are essential for participating in this group. Exit 69 performs throughout community and at out of state competitions.

Contact: Lindsey Main

Visit our web site for more information.

Experimental Dance Board (EDB)

The primary purpose of EDB will be to provide a rigorous but inclusive outlet for student-choreographed works of dance. EDB will work to produce a showcase of student work during winter term for pieces rehearsed throughout the fall and winter and will cast all dancers who audition in at least one piece to ensure inclusiveness. EDB will also work to produce more shows and provide more dance opportunities for dancers of all levels on campus (e.g. an evening of solos and duets, or a show for work produced through dance classes.)

Contact: Kate Cieslowski, Alison Ball, Ellis Johnston

Experimental Theater Board (ETB)

The Experimental Theater Board funds student-directed, produced, and designed theater. It is an opportunity for anyone and everyone to be involved and learn more about theater and the arts by taking part in an all student-run show. We encourage people with any or no experience to participate.

Meetings: ETB will generally have meetings at the beginning and end of the term to go over auditions, the schedule of events in Little Nourse Theater, planned workshops, etc.

Contact: Bethany McHugh, Caroline Roberts, Lindsey Weber, Nathan Bern, Emily Clark, Josh Davids, Ryanne Chitjian

Visit our web site for more information.

Farm Club

Farm Club seeks to provide an opportunity for Carleton students to be involved with the operation of a garden. We have a large organic vegetable garden next to Farmhouse as well as two raised beds and a few flower beds. Students of all experience levels are invited to our weekly work days. Those with more knowledge teach others. Through meetings and visits to nearby farms, we also seek to raise awareness of general issues surrounding sustainable agriculture and food production.

Meetings: Weekly work days, especially during fall harvest!

Contact: Brynna Mering, Connor Rohwer

Visit our web site for more information.

Fellowship in Christ (FC)

The Fellowship in Christ: Committed to the Gospel brings together believers and seekers from different national, political, social, cultural, and denominational backgrounds to share, explore, and grow their faith in God and His Son, Jesus, as our savior. Subgroups, events, and activities throughout the academic year build deeper relationships with God and each other and provide an open and safe environment for those pursuing the Christian faith at Carleton.

Contact: Justin Berchiolli, Laurel Goldner, Emma Grisanzio, Todd Campbell

Visit our web site for more information.

Film Society

Film Society seeks to stimulate, encourage, and sustain Carleton's interest in independent, classic, and foreign film. Screenings are held weekly.

Meetings: 7:00pm on Fridays

Contact: Gisell Calderon, Jackson Hudgins, Haley Ryan

Visit our web site for more information.

Fire Bellies

To promote understanding of different cultures and backgrounds, international and national, socioeconomic and ethnic, through the universal language of food.

Meetings: Weekly events

Contact: Vayu Maini Rekdal, Emily Pence, Worthy Cho

Visit our web site for more information.


Floodlight will provide an outlet for Carleton students who would like to submit poetry, prose, essays, photography, paintings, films, music or other works of artistic value. The medium, a magazine and website, will be presented with quality to entertain and provoke thought among students (or staff) on and off campus. The focus of the group will be the publication, though. Floodlight does not intend to compete with any other Carleton publication such as the Lens or the Carletonian. Student interest has lead to the creation of Floodlight and we feel it will be well-respected as the other publications on campus have.

Contact: Christopher M. Burt

Fluxus Festivus

The Fluxus performance art movement began in the early 1960s, largely inspired by the compositions of John Cage and the art of Marcel Duchamp. Its goal was to bring heightened awareness and contemplation to the bits of art in our everyday life through the performance of absurd actions that call into question the ways in which we interact with the world around us. Performances are described in succinct, often cryptic 'event scores'(such as Ben Vautier's Wet in which "Performers throw wet objects into the audience") that in their absurdity convey humor, liberation, and a wonderful feeling of purposelessness. More than the events, however, Fluxus is about ceasing to be a passive viewer to one's own life. It is actively contemplating the objects, sounds, feelings, people and actions that constantly surround us and that we often take for granted.

Contact: Trent Elmore

Folk Music Society

The Folk Music Society exists to promote local interest in folk music by sponsoring performances and participation events throughout the year and to act as a resource and contact point for performances and listeners. The primary activity run by Folk Music Society is Pickin' 'n' Grinnin', a weekly meeting where members and visitors gather to sing and drink tea or hot chocolate.

Meetings: Our regular meeting is the Pickin' 'n' Grinnin' folk song sing-along, every Wednesday night from 9-11pm in the Chapel basement lounge.

Contact: Grace Fremont, Jacob Spear, Mark Heiman

Visit our web site for more information.

Food Truth

Food Truth is an organization dedicated to raising food consciousness by examining the environmental, political, social and ethical impacts of what we eat. Food Truth organizes events, speakers, community dinners, films, workshops, and field trips to encourage discussion and advocacy around food-related issues.

Meetings: Mondays, 8PM, Sayles Hill Lounge

Contact: Sarah Goldman, Connor Rohwer, Kate Abram

Visit our web site for more information.

Free the Slaves Carleton College Chapter (FTS)

The purpose of Free the Slaves – Carleton College Chapter is threefold: a) to raise awareness regarding the issues of modern-day slavery and b) to further the goals an abolitionist ambitions outlined by Free the Slaves, and c) to generate funds to help end modern-day slavery. Additionally, this chapter seeks to bring together all those who share these common goals within the Carleton community.

Meetings: TBD

Contact: SaeRam Oh

Visit our web site for more information.

Friends of Scandinavia

I present to you the Scandinavian Club, an organization focused on community, culture and tradition. The club will serve Scandinavians, wanna-be Scandinavians, American Scandinavians, and anyone who's interested in the whys, whats and hows of Scandinavia. It will be a cultural forum where people get together to share their experiences, cultures and traditions through a vast range of events, including Cultural Celebrations, Cooking Classes, and Newspaper discussions, among other things. In addition, it will be a group for practicing scandinavian language.

Contact: Vayu Maini Rekdal

Gaming Club (CCGC)

We support Carleton's gaming community by holding console, PC, and board game/pen-and-paper events. Our list is also used to coordinate informal games between members. Competitive and casual play are held with equal merit. Events are open to all Carleton students.

Meetings: Weekly events are held Saturday from 5PM to 7PM in the CMC.

Contact: Jason Greenberg, Isaac Schrantz, Kevin Liao, Spencer Davis, Austin I. Lane

The Gender Neutral Cheerboys (Cheerboys)

The Gender Neutral Cheer Boys is an organization dedicated to the promotion of school spirit at Carleton College athletic events. In the spirit of Carleton, we strive to provide an atmosphere of quirky fun at sporting events, while keeping the crowd both entertained and focused on cheering for the Knights. We paint ourselves maize and blue and engage our fans with creative chants and songs. At football games, we run a lap around the Laird Stadium track for each touchdown that the Knights score, and do push-ups to keep track of the number of points the Knights have accumulated.

Meetings: Every Saturday @1PM next to or inside Laird Stadium

Contact: George McAneny

Visit our web site for more information.

Gentlemen (GBC)

Gentlemen’s Breakfast Club is an organization dedicated to the gentlemanly discussion of pertinent issues, as well as gentlemanly vote taking and five-minute dance parties. During each meeting, members will debate various topics in a forum-like manner while eating breakfast food. A typical meeting might include the discussion of such issues as “Space: Battleground of the Future?” and “Amphibians: Choose a Side!” Chapters of Gentlemen’s Breakfast Club currently exist or are being formed in a limited number of educational institutions throughout the Midwest, including Iowa State University, Marquette University, Cornell College and the University of St. Thomas.

Contact: No current contacts

Girl Rising (GRLRISING)

Girl Rising at Carleton focuses on issues women face in the developing world such as gendercide and education. Girl Rising will hold educational events, discussion sessions and film screenings to raise awareness about the status of women globally.

Meetings: Wednesdays at 8

Contact: Jessica Zhou

Global China Connection Carleton Chapter (GCC-CC)

The purpose of Global China Connection Carleton Chapter (GCC-CC) is created to help promote mutual appreciation and understanding between China and the Western World as well as provide preprofessional training, internships, and networking opportunities. Through the promotion of GCC’s various programs, we hope to facilitate meaningful cultural and language exchange which would provide opportunities for foreigners to immerse themselves in Chinese culture. Furthermore, GCC-CC seeks to educate its members about doing business in China and to build new friendships, creating an international student network through means such as publications, meetings, seminars, delegation visits, conferences, international workshops, and other educational activities.

Meetings: Every Tuesday

Contact: Bing Shui, Sawyer Middeleer

Go Club

Come play the ancient Chinese game of war and strategy known as Go! Easy to learn, impossible to master. No two games have ever been played the same, so what's keeping you? All experience levels welcome.

Contact: Kyle Schiller

Gods of Plastic (GOP)

Carleton's fun-loving, national-championship-winning, Hawaiian-wearing men's ultimate frisbee team.

Contact: Anders Berglund, Matt Godfrey

Visit our web site for more information.

Green House

Meetings: House meetings 6:30pm Sundays, with dinner

Contact: No current contacts

Grill Club: Charcoal Alliance (GCCA)

Our organization offers the community an open forum through the medium of Grilling. Using cuisine as the gateway to cultural exploration we intend to capture the minds and stomachs of the Carleton Community. This is food for thought. Our organization also offers an opportunity for members from different backgrounds and academic years to come together and interact outside of the classroom.

Contact: Brandon Nelson, Cal Ellowitz

Visit our web site for more information.

Habitat for Humanity (HFH)

The purpose of our organization is to give Carleton students a chance to participate in Habitat for Humanity, an international organization that builds houses for low income families. We organize Spring Break Away trips to sites around the U.S. and weekend trips in Northfield and the Cities for Carleton students to help build houses. Our goal is to allow all students who wish to participate on a spring break away trip to go at least once in their Carleton Career.

Contact: No current contacts

Handbell Choir

The Carleton Handbell Choir is a group of musicians enthusiastic about playing handbells. We welcome everyone in the Carleton community to join, whether or not they have previous handbell, or even musical, experience. At our weekly rehearsals, we practice music from a variety of genres, including classical, Broadway, and popular music. Throughout the year, we perform at area churches and campus events (such as chapel services and choir concerts) about once per term, peal the campus during dead days, and put together a full concert every spring.

Meetings: We meet once per week; exact dates and times are determined each term by the membership (usually Saturday afternoon).

Contact: Dana Neidinger, Kit Pavlekovsky, Anne Grosse, Grace Newman, Ian Peters

Visit our web site for more information.

Hill o' Three Oaks Brewery

The Hill o' Three Oaks Brewery is committed to instilling in its members, and in members of the Carleton community at large, a greater appreciation for the culinary craft of beer-making. In the interest of cultivating and healthier relationship with alcohol, members will participate in the thought- and energy-intensive process of brewing. Once the beer has been fermented, the (of age) members will indulge in great food, company and beer, savoring every last drop.

Meetings: We meet three times to brew, three times to bottle/keg, and three times to share our craft beer per term. These dates are evenly spaced throughout the term.

Contact: Isaac Schrantz, Daniel Lewitz, Jacob Frankel

Visit our web site for more information.

Honking Knights (Pep Band)

The Carleton Pep Band serves to provide a student-led band to play at Carleton Football and Basketball home sporting events. We will bring Carleton spirit as well as a place for musicians of any skill level to play a variety of Pop and Jazz tunes from across the decades. Our practices will focus on optimizing music for performances at games.

Meetings: Open Rehearsals 5:00pm in Rehearsal room LL05

Contact: Lauren Azuma, Leah Sacks

Hot Karls

The purpose of Hot Karls is to provide a third avenue for men's Ultimate at Carleton beyond GoP and CUT. The team represents an opportunity for any Carl to practice ultimate in an inviting, open environment that puts the emphasis on having fun, learning fundamentals, and offering social opportunities. It is the only men's Ultimate team at Carleton that is fully open--the team does not hold tryouts or cut players from the roster at any point.

Contact: Harrison Reeder, Julian Skotheim, Josh Aarons

Improv Music And Theatre Ensemble (IMATE)

IMATE, or Improv Music And Theatre Ensemble, exists so that students can enjoy our unique combination of long-form and musical improv. Our shows range from improvised songs and improvised musical scenes to full improvised shows. This group requires no auditions or previous experience to join, however, all members must come to all rehearsals (unless another legitimate conflict prevents them - for instance, a campus job). For more information, check out our web site: We'll see you onstage.

Contact: Anschel K. Burk, Eric D. Meehl, Jacob McNaughton

Indigenous Peoples Alliance (IPA)

Indigenous Peoples Alliance (IPA) is a community at Carleton College that serves the function of providing students who identify with an indigenous group or have an interest in indigenous cultures a safe environment to learn what it means to be indigenous through exposure to cultural ceremonies and practices, food, language, community engagement, and social discussion.

Contact: Alex Portnow, Malia Molina, Jennifer Fehring, Rae Benjamin, Mary Savoye, Tory Peterson

Interdisciplinary Economics

We are a student organization aimed to bring together students with a common interest in economics and the economy. We will engage in discussion about topics in economics through the lens of various disciplines. We believe normative economics plays a crucial role in economic analyses, and aim to incorporate moral and societal considerations to economic and public policy issues. Our goal is to provide an intellectual space for students to express diverse opinions on different economic issues and theories.

Contact: Claire Willeck, Worthy Cho

Interfaith Social Action (IFSA)

Meetings: Tuesdays, 8.30 p.m. in the Chapel lounge

Contact: Meg Crenshaw, Nayely Martinez

Visit our web site for more information.

International Relations Council (IRC)

IRC is an organization dedicated to promoting the discussion and research of international relations issues among students and faculty. IRC sponsors on campus seminars and panels relating to international issues.

Contact: Sage Mitch

International Relations Council and Model United Nations Team (IRCMUN)

IRC is an organization dedicated to promoting the discussion and research of international relations issues among students and faculty. IRC sponsors on-campus seminars and panels. The Model United Nations Team and Board organize United Nations committee simulations, and also coordinate student involvement in off-campus Model UN conferences.

Contact: Emir Murathanoglu, Reilly Simon, Sage Mitch, Abha Laddha, Kabir Sarjan, Bailey Ulbricht, Joe Burson, John Davidson, Aditya Nagendran, Henry Gordon

Visit our web site for more information.

Intertwining Melodies (IM)

Intertwining Melodies is an a capella group that was founded to bring a unique and different sound to Carleton's a capella scene. We sing primarily R&B and hip-hop, although we do not limit ourselves to a specific genre.

Contact: Jill Poskanzer, Kristen Nassar, Jake Kramer

Visit our web site for more information.

J Street U Carleton

J Street U at Carleton is committed to creating an alternate approach to Israel advocacy that embraces open dialogue and constructive activism, and that warrants critical analysis of policies – be they Israeli, Palestinian, American or other. We seek to educate the Carleton campus about issues related to Israel and the Middle East through diverse programing and consistent opportunities for open dialogue. We aim to plan, promote and support progressive minded, peace oriented activism on Carleton's campus and beyond.

Meetings: Thursdays at 8 PM, upper Sayles room

Contact: Sofia Chang, Joy Hill, Hannah Nayowith, Maddie Ulanow, Ibrahim Rabbani

Visit our web site for more information.

Japanese Circle (CJC)

The Japanese Circle is a cultural organization dedicated to promoting greater awareness and deeper understanding of Japanese culture to the Carleton community.

Contact: Meg Hine, Naomi Yamamoto, Emily Matsuda

Visit our web site for more information.

Jewish Students of Carleton (JSC)

JSC provides religious, social, and cultural aspects of Jewish life not otherwise available in Northfield. We hold services and celebrations for many holidays and Shabbat dinners and services every Friday evening. All JSC events are open to the entire Carleton community. The JSC recognizes the inalienable right of the state of Israel to exist. We promote education and programming about the politics and culture of Israel. We seek to be engaged in a dialogue and discussion about Israel that is open to all viewpoints.

Meetings: Services are Fridays at 6:15PM in Page East, Board meetings at 7pm on Sundays

Contact: Emily Turner, Jackson Bahn, Evan Rothman

Visit our web site for more information.

Just Cellin' (Carleton Cello Choir)

Just Cellin’ is an all-cello ensemble, comprised of Carleton student musicians. As a group, we play a variety of arrangements of both classical pieces and popular songs. We are open to perform at different events at Carleton, including—but not limited to—“open mic” concerts at Sayles and an end-of-term performance. Our purposes are to encourage fellowship between people of similar interests and talents and, most importantly, to share the gift of music with the student body. We, as both an ensemble and part of the student populace ourselves, believe that music has the ability to create an environment of both comfort and cheer, a source of relief from the rigors of Carleton’s prestigious learning environment. Also, cellos are, quite simply, awesome.

Contact: Kelsey Qu, Chris Shoemaker, Lalangi Marasinghe

Kendo and Naginata Club

We practice kendo and naginata to enrich our minds and bodies and to better understand the concepts of no mind and no sword to achieve enlightenment.

Meetings: Sunday's 2pm-4pm Cowling Dance Studio

Contact: Rebecca Stover, Jinhong Dong

Kids for Conservation (KFC)

Kids For Conservation (KFC) works with elementary school children to exchange knowledge and engage in activities that promote environmental awareness. Our goal is to encourage students to make responsible decisions about the environment. Lesson plans are designed by Carleton College volunteers and are taught in teams of two to four. The teams return to the same classrooms once each week and lead a fun and interactive 45 minute or one-hour lesson on issues involving the environment.

Contact: Kelly E. Kapsar, Sameera Nalla, Hiyanthi Peiris

Visit our web site for more information.


The Knightingales are an all-female a cappella group, the second oldest on campus after the Carleton Singing Knights. There are typically ten members with representatives from all class grades, who share a range of interests and are involved on campus in everything from rugby to the Carletonian. Their music covers many genres, including spirituals and traditional songs and the work of contemporary artists such as Jewel and Jason Mraz. Practices are held regularly three times a week, and performances at least once at the end of every term.

Meetings: Monday 8:00-9:30 Wednesday 8:00-9:30 Sunday 3:00-5:00 Rehearsals occur at Dacie Moses house.

Contact: Katie Shaffer, Jayne Pasternak, Ella Fox, Grace McNeely

Visit our web site for more information.


Knightlife aims to make sure that everyone has the option of going to an event to have fun without alcohol, whether or not they choose to use the option. Knightlife events are a safe space, and anyone is welcome, regardless of typical drinking habits. However, out of respect for others, we ask that you please not drink at the event or drink in excess before the event, and that you remain respectful of everyone in attendance.

Contact: Anna Chance, Ben Strauss

The Knights Watch

An organization dedicated to the HBO series Game of Thrones and the book series it is based on, A Song of Ice and Fire. The primary purpose will be to organize showings of the HBO series. Other activities may be organized, depending on interest.

Contact: Gregory Erlandson

Kookies for Kiva

Kookies for Kiva is a baking club that uses profits from cookie room delivery service to invest in micro loans facilitated by the Kiva organization. Kiva is an international non-profit organization that assists investors in financing micro loans for impoverished people who wish to create their own business. We invest in real people with real business ideas, and students get to learn about the specific people their money will help. Kookies for Kiva allows members and buyers to see the tangible difference they are making in people’s lives, and enjoy delicious homemade cookies too!

Contact: Liza Peterson, Jojo Kuria

Korean Students Assocation (KSA)

KSA seeks to provide a supportive environment for Korean and Korean American students. KSA is dedicated to satisfying the curiosity of all students interested in the culture and issues of Korean and Korean American communities. KSA reaches out to the community through our Korean Adoptees Tutoring Program - teaching Korean culture and language.

Contact: Young Lee, Kirstin Cook, Samuel Hong, Ji Min Yoo

Visit our web site for more information.

KRLX 88.1 FM

KRLX is Carleton College's very own student run FM radio station sitting at 88.1 on the radio dial. We provide interested Carleton College students with the opportunity to learn how to operate broadcast equipment and the necessary skills to execute quality radio. Our operational goal is to provide quality and professional radio entertainment and information to our Northfield and Internet audience, including new music, news, sporting events, and campus concerts and functions. KRLX: It's always better on the bottom.

Meetings: The "all staff" meeting is held the first Wednesday of classes in Boliou 104 at 9 p.m. There are a weekly meetings for the Board of Directors on Sunday evenings in the record libe.

Contact: Zoe Levin, Cole Frank, Nami Sumida

Visit our web site for more information.

Late Night Trivia (LNT)

For the past 20 years, Late Night Trivia has been Carleton's wildest night of quiz debauchery. Broadcast over KRLX on the first reading day of Winter Term, groups scramble to identify obscure songs, answer complex questions, and complete absurd tasks as delegated, all while attempting to appease the LNT Gods. Legendary prizes and a chance to sign the LNT trophy make it a night to remember.

Contact: Tori Ostenso, Sam Cattau, Rebecca Spiro, David Cutler-Kreutz, Abby Easton, Cam Shorb, Elly Fireside-Ostergaard, Jake Yanoviak, Ayana Lance, Anna Robinson, Charlie Imhoff, Eli Ruffer

Visit our web site for more information.

Latin American Student Organization (LASO)

LASO is an organization originally established to provide peer and cultural support for students of Latin American descent and background. However, the programming and organization has evolved with the intent to encompass the entire Carleton community. We are a flexible group that encourages students of our community as well as others to participate and create activities that enrich the understanding of Latin American issues.

Meetings: To be determined based on group members availability each term.

Contact: Frida Cota, Gabriela Bosquez, Cruz Morales, Jocelene Caballero

Visit our web site for more information.

Lenny Dee Players

The purpose of the Lenny Dee Players is to provide students with an outlet to write, perform, and enjoy the high art of sketch comedy. We have at least one show a term, which is completely student written, acted, and directed. We hold auditions at least once a year. Lenny Dee brings the funny.

Meetings: Sayles-Hill Loung, Mondays and Thursdays, 10pm-12am

Contact: Mike Sobaski, Izaak Sunleaf, Grace McNeely

Visit our web site for more information.

The Lens

The Lens is a nationally distributed magazine featuring high quality interdisciplinary writing. Our target audience is students and faculty at the undergraduate level. Similar publications in terms of content and design include The New Yorker and The New York Times Magazine. We plan to distribute two issues during the school year. Typical articles are three to four pages in length double-spaced and emphasize analysis and/or research. We look to investigate national issues as well as explore problems and insights that are specific to the Carleton community. Articles in The Lens attempt to burst the “Carleton bubble,” connecting our campus to the outside world.' The Lens fills a specific need on campus and does not intended to compete with The Carletonian or other campus publications. To our knowledge, there does not exist another nationally distributed undergraduate magazine of politics and culture. Our bi-yearly publication also allows for a long, focused editorial process, giving writers, editors and designers the opportunity to plunge in-depth into long form journalism. This kind of editing and writing is unique for Carleton publications and we believe that Carleton students want to read and produce it.

Meetings: Each team (design, content, and business) meets on a different schedule throughout the term.

Contact: Hannah Rothblatt, Jake Kramer, Austen Yeager, Dana Neidinger, Claire Kelloway, Isabelle Ibibo

Visit our web site for more information.


Lovelace’s mission is to increase gender diversity in computer science and technology within both the Carleton and Northfield communities. We aim to accomplish this through creating supportive and inclusive environments that facilitate effective and fun learning.

Contact: Emily Johnston, Joy Hill, Katja Collier, Marielle Foster, Nayely Martinez


Manuscript is Carleton's student-run literary and art journal. We accept submissions of poetry, prose, photographs, paintings, drawings, and even sculpture for publication during Fall, Winter and Spring Term. Please contact us if you are interested in submitting writing or artwork or working on our staff.

Contact: Emma Sunog, Casper Kelly, Grace Black

Visit our web site for more information.


This club is founded with the intention of exploring the connection between the mind and the body. We will be using meditation to increase awareness of the self and its surroundings. We will examine different forms of meditation and practices found in cultures around the world.

Contact: Alexis S. Ervin

Men Of Color (MOC)

MOC serves as a support network and resource that functions to educate and empower male students of color at Carleton. MOC also strives to encourage campus-wide meaningful and thoughful discussions as well as actions on multicultural and gender issues pertaining to men of color in Carleton community.

Meetings: Bi-monthly meetings scheduled on Thursdays in Stimson House. The location has been changed from the LDC to incorporate members who are on the 5-meal plan/off-board.

Contact: Justin A. Jack, Jabari J. Perry, Hai Q. Nguyen, Mouhamadou B. Diagne

Visit our web site for more information.

Men's Club Soccer (CFC)

The Carleton Men’s Soccer Club will be set up to provide male athletes with a chance to play soccer at a competitive level with other teams across the State. There has been a lot of interest in and outside the college to set up a club team that can represent Carleton at various tournaments and games. This club is open to any student who wishes to play at a competitive level.

Meetings: Hill of Three Oaks

Contact: Besim Ademi, Alon Debiche, Chris Sundquist, Graeme Harten, Zach Walsh

Visit our web site for more information.

Mental Health Awareness Collective (MHAC)

The Mental Health Awareness Collective seeks to increase awareness about mental health on campus and promote dialogue about mental health at Carleton. MHAC will be open to all Carleton students and interested members of the Carleton community. MHAC will hold weekly meetings and plan community events to raise awareness about mental health on campus.

Meetings: Tuesday 8:30 PM in Sayles 253

Contact: Anna Zimmer, John Cannon, Molly Wootten

Visit our web site for more information.

The Middle East Appreciation Club

The Middle East Appreciation Club aims to provide a forum for students interested in the currents events and culture of the Middle East region. We will host informal weekly discussions of recent events in the Middle East and coordinate irregular events to promote Middle Eastern culture.

Contact: Jean A. Rhodes

Mind The Gap (MTG)

The purpose of Mind The Gap is to create an inclusive environment where members of the Carleton College community can share their experiences of taking a break from traditional learning. In addition to providing information about taking time off before or after enrolling in college, the association/society seeks to build a community of curious students with rich life-experiences that will have an impact on the greater Carleton College community. Part of our efforts would be dedicated to reaching out to the prospective student population and making them aware of opportunities outside of the traditional college path. Another goal of our organization is to increase knowledge on campus regarding alternative learning opportunities. In addition to holding weekly club meetings and monthly programs, we also plan on achieving this goal by bringing in speakers related to experiential learning and providing opportunities for current students to share their stories. Awareness of alternative learning opportunities and their integration into the Carleton community will create a more well-rounded student body and learning environment.

Contact: Joshua Reason, Jack Bredar, Thomas Hiura

Minnesota Ethnography Collective

The Minnesota Ethnography Collective recognizes the diversity of the various towns within the Minnesota area, and celebrates each place for its unique culture. The collective explores these distinct communities, spending time in various towns in and around the area, trying to gain a better understanding for each place. We visit local diners, community centers and other public places to gain a better sense for the people and vibe of the specific community we are in. We then document our experiences, writing articles, short stories, ethnographies and taking photographs of our experiences, submitting them to various publications on campus. As Carleton student, we are very quick to act in our communities, but we do not really know what these communities are all about. Our purpose will be to interact with communities in an attempt to understand what they are really about: the people, the community, the history.

Contact: Syed Dara

Minnesota Public Interest Research Group (MPIRG)

Carleton MPIRG is part of a statewide, student-directed organization that helps college students make their voices heard in the political process. For nearly 40 years, MPIRG students have made positive change happen in public policy across the state, in our local community, and on our campus. We work on the issues we choose, in the areas of environmental sustainability, social justice, and consumer protection. MPIRG is open to all students, and we love new members!

Meetings: Tuesdays at 8:15 PM, Leighton 304

Contact: Benjamin Hellerstein, Elissa A. Walter

Visit our web site for more information.

Minority Student Pre-Law Association (MSPLA)

The mission of the Minority Student Pre-Law Association (MSPLA) at Carleton College is to provide resources for, but not exclusive to, minority students at Carleton College, who are interested in law, public policy, or a legal career, as well as anyone interested in legal issues that affect communities of color.

Contact: Justin A. Jack

Mock Trial

Mock Trial is a competitive speech program, in which teams of students present a fictional legal case before judges at several competitions each year. Students act as witnesses and attorneys to prepare and present both sides of the assigned case. Students interested in public speaking, legal procedure, and acting are encouraged to participate.

Contact: Taylor Mayhall, Kaitlyn Cook, Emily Starr, Kyle Schiller

Visit our web site for more information.

Mortar Board

Mortar Board is a national service organization dedicated to the ideals of scholarship, leadership, and service. Carleton's chapter aims to serve the Northfield and Carleton communities through direct service projects and fundraisers. Qualified juniors are invited to apply during winter term.

Contact: Stacey Johnson, Erica Sheline, Sarah Goodman

Visit our web site for more information.

Mosaic of South Asian Interests at Carleton (MOSAIC)

MOSAIC seeks to nurture a South Asian society on campus. In addition to regular community activities such as a radio show, movie screenings and celebrations of festivals, we explore contemporary political, cultural, and social issues of South Asia.

Contact: Bibek Pokharel, Shraddha Raghavan, Gaston Lopez, Sofia Shrestha

Visit our web site for more information.

Multicultural Cooking Club (MC²)

The Multicultural Cooking Club (MC2) provides students, faculty and staff with opportunities to learn about different cultures and traditions through the art of cooking. In addition to holding instructional cooking sessions, club members will also share their cultural background and how it has influenced their dishes. This club offers a space where students, faculty and staff can share their home-cooking experiences and foster a community through their love for food. There will also be an opportunity for students to learn from professional cooks who have insight into new cultural recipes not represented by the members of the club. The primary goal of the club is to learn about the diversity of students on campus by sharing recipes and cultural experiences. The club is also is also committed to giving back to the Northfield community by donating to the Northfield Food Shelf.

Contact: Alexander Auyeung, Erica A. Cruz

Muslim Students Association (MSA)

The Muslim Students Association exists to promote awareness about Islam among Muslims and non-Muslims; to become a source of information about Islam for anyone interested; and to establish regular meetings and worship on campus, including prayers and times of fasting, for all interested persons.

Meetings: Meetings Fridays 5:00 p.m. in Chapel Basement Qur'an Study and Discussions on alternating Fridays at 5:00pm in Chapel Basement Friday congregational prayers at 2:30pm in Muslim Prayer Room

Contact: Ibad Jafri

Mustard Seed

Mustard Seed is Carleton's Christian praise and worship band. The band leads services at the Cave weekly.

Meetings: Mondays 9 PM - 10 PM in the Chapel Sanctuary

Contact: Chloe Mark, Ruth Steinke, Gisell Calderon, Alex Leal

Mycology Club

Mycology Club aims to identify, grow, and cook mushrooms for the Carleton community. Our primary focus is growing mushrooms that are suitable to the southern Minnesota climate, and we welcome novices and experts alike. We also strive to provide Carleton students with exceptionally fresh and nutritious mushrooms, especially those that are inaccessible to Carleton students due to price or obscurity.

Meetings: Mondays at 5:00PM

Contact: Aaron Suiter, Sam Powell, Theodore Retzloff

Visit our web site for more information.

NETwork Against Malaria (NAM)

The purpose of this Organization shall be raise awareness about malaria in Uganda and to raise funds for malaria prevention/relief (particularly through the use of insecticide treated bed nets.) NETwork Against Malaria intends to provide community education on health and wellness for the people of the Hoima Diocese in Uganda. The organization will be operated by members of the Carleton student body, with guidance and approval from the national NETwork Against Malaria organization. NETwork Against Malaria – Carleton College Chapter will target the Carleton community and members of the Northfield area for educational programs and fundraising. The organization will facilitate creative and interactive opportunities for education and fundraising.

Contact: Anthony Harris

No Fidelity

The purpose of No Fidelity is to create and distribute a music magazine on Carleton’s campus. We serve as a collaborative effort between KRLX and the Cave in an effort to make music a larger part of the conversation on campus. Participants are involved in writing, editing, illustrating, formatting, and designing the zine. Submissions from anyone on or off campus will be considered for publishing. No Fidelity includes a variety of music reviews, opinion pieces, essays, concert reviews, and anything related to music.

Contact: Ian Mercer, A. Noah Harrison, Sam Watson, Cisco Hayward, Saehee Lee


A competitive women's ultimate frisbee team for all levels of experience and ability, emphasizing skill development and team growth.

Meetings: Practice times TBD. Contact buswellm with questions.

Contact: Mary Buswell, Clara Ledsky, Lucy Wasserburg

Pennies for Peace

The purpose of this organization will be to raise funds for the non-profit international organization Pennies for Peace. This organization educates children in remote areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan by building schools for them and giving them supplies.

Contact: Maria D. Garcia, Kana Suzuki, Worthy Cho

Photography Cooperative (Photo Co-Op)

The purpose of the Photography Cooperative is to provide a forum for Carleton students to discuss, share, learn and practice the art of photography in a supportive environment. The Photo Co-Op encourages the use of photography as a medium through which we can communicate ideas with ourselves and others. In doing so we seek to enhance the Carleton community through artistic growth and fulfilment.

Contact: Porter Truax, Roberto Nieves, Emma Vinella-Brusher, Sofia Rosales Juarez, JordiKai Watanabe-Inouye, Rob Reuland

Visit our web site for more information.

Pick Up Ice Hockey Club (PUICH)

The Pick Up Ice Hockey Club intends to play informal hockey games on the Bald Spot during winter term and potentially schedule ice time at Northfield Ice Rink. It is open to people of all skill levels.

Contact: Adele A. Daniel

Pick Up Sports Club (PUSC)

Pick Up Sports Club intends to bring Carleton College students together to play informal team sports games, such as football, soccer, frisbee, softball, and a variety of other activities.

Meetings: TBA

Contact: Noah Anderson, Richard Yeker

Pool Club

The Carleton Pool Club is designed for pool players to improve their skills in various types of pocket billiards. The variation of games includes popular pool games such as 8-ball, 9-ball as well as some other types of games like Cutthroat, Straight Pool, 5-9, etc. Pool Club also provides an opportunity to compete in tournaments outside Carleton while it also introduces pool to beginners.

Meetings: Upper Sayles on Mondays and Thursdays from 7PM to 8PM

Contact: Andrew Keene

Prairie and Wood (PAW)

Prairie and Wood is a student-run environmental day camp, now in its 31st year of operation. The group of students who are the camp's counselors live and work in Farm House during the summer, and teach area youth about the natural world and environmental issues in a fun and cooperative way. If you're interested in being a counselor for summer 2007, contact Kenley Jackson.

Contact: Gary Wagenbach, Ben White, Kayla Jackson

Visit our web site for more information.

Pro-Choice MN at Carleton (PCMN)

Our purpose is to provide pro-choice activism opportunities each term through discussion, event planning, escorting, and workshops with an open, friendly, and respectful atmosphere. We work very closely with NARAL Pro-Choice MN so as to have the best access to current events. Our goal is to offer at least 1 event every term that will allow for campus-wide discussion, 1 tabling session to promote awareness of Days of Action and current events, and 1 clinic escort trip to allow Carls to participate by promoting choice on and outside our campus.

Contact: Elena Ondich

Visit our web site for more information.

Project Friendship (PF)

Project Friendship matches Carleton students with grade school children from the Northfield community on a 1-to-1 basis. The pairs meet once a week as well as participate in several group activities. The college students benefit from service learning experiences and develop ties with the Northfield community, while the children gain role models and friends that would be otherwise absent in their challenging lives. The program is a tradition in both the Northfield and Carleton community.

Contact: Hannah M. Nelson, Nikhil Pandey

Queens of Comedy

The Queens are the first and only stand-up comedy group at Carleton. Weekly meetings provide support in developing new stand-up material and the group performs two entirely new shows every term. Try-outs are held in the fall.

Contact: Charlie Imhoff, Daniel Black, Louis Enriquez-Sarano

Queer, Questioning, and Trans People of Color (QTPOC)

QTPOC is an organization that brings together self-identified Queer, Questioning, and Trans People of Color. It aspires to create a space for students to explore the intersections of their racial, cultural, national, gender, sex, and class identities. In creating a community of students from diverse backgrounds, QTPOC aims to actively increase the visibility of underrepresented people inside and outside of Carleton.

Meetings: Thursday from 8 pm to 9:30 pm of every ODD week

Contact: Melanie Xu, Kathryn Melendez, Lori Barrientos Sanchez, Chue Lor, Lauren Bailey

Red Cross Blood Drive

This program works with the Red Cross to bring a blood drive to Carleton three times a year.

Contact: No current contacts

Reformed Druids of North America (RDNA)

The Reformed Druids of North America have existed as a resource and community for those seeking alternatives to mainstream religious traditions since 1963. We hold weekly meetings, at which we have discussions, learn crafts, and plan events. We host celebrations for full moons, equinoxes, solstices, and holidays that are advertised and open to the entire campus and the larger Northfield community. We maintain contact with other Druid and Pagan organizations across the country as a resource for sharing information and providing answers to those with questions about alternative spiritual contexts.

Meetings: Varies...check E-Mail

Contact: Anna Smith

Visit our web site for more information.

Reproductive Justice Collective

Carls for Choice exists to increase awareness and activism within Carleton and its community in regards to reproductive rights, abortion, and pro-choice issues. We serve as an educational resource for issues pertaining to reproductive rights as well as an advocate for them. Carls for Choice provides a forum in which Carleton students, faculty, and staff can actively support reproductive rights, including the right to choose.

Meetings: We meet every Monday at 7 pm in the Gender and Sexuality Center (the basement of Scoville)

Contact: Dania R. L. Lerman, Shantrice N. King

Visit our web site for more information.

Russian Club

The Russian Club acquaints students with the Russian culture through films, food, and traditional celebrations. It provides opportunities for social interaction among students studying Russian language and gives them the chance to use Russian outside the classroom and interact with the language associate.

Meetings: Russian Tea: 9pm on Thursdays in Basement of Parish

Contact: No current contacts

Schiller Society

Schiller Society works in conjunction with the Admissions Office to offer the many many activities available to prospective students. The opportunities available in Schiller Society include: giving campus tours, hosting prospective students, and coordinating events for prospective students.

Contact: No current contacts

Visit our web site for more information.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Alliance (SFA)

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Alliance promotes the appreciation of speculative fiction in its many forms. We meet weekly to watch classic and current sci-fi and fantasy television shows and have many other events throughout the year. We also maintain a large collection of books, videos and DVDs in our lending library. Any member of the CSA is permitted to check out these materials. Our library and most of our events are located in Benton House (on the corner of 2nd and Winona).

Meetings: Sci-Friday: Friday evenings 6:30pm. Usually found in Sayles 251 Other events are usually held Saturday afternoons/evenings

Contact: Will Sturman, Gordon Loery, Ben Strauss

Visit our web site for more information.

The Search

The Search is a group of students dedicated to asking and discussing the bigger questions in life, for example, “Who am I?” “Where am I going?” and “What is the life worth living?” We seek to find new ways of approaching these and other questions through sharing personal experiences, viewpoints, and beliefs.

Meetings: Thursdays, 9:00 Dacie Moses House (may be subject to change)

Contact: Rachel J. Levit Ades, Claire Ferguson


"Seeking..." is a publication designed as a discussion forum that allows students to collectively explore faith and other related topics. It will publish questions, comments, personal stories, interviews, related up-coming events, etc.

Contact: No current contacts

Sexuality and Gender Activism (SaGA)

Sexuality and Gender Activism (SaGA) is Carleton’s LGBTQA activism group. We address issues such as civil rights, legislation, human rights in the U.S. and abroad, community issues, college policy, and campus awareness around matters of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender interest.

Meetings: Wednesdays at 8:00pm in the Gender and Sexualiy Center (ground Scoville).

Contact: Emily Bauer, Matthew Elfstrand, Jenny Nguyen

Visit our web site for more information.

Singapore Club

The Singapore Club is an organization that aims to bring together Carleton students who have studied and visited Singapore. It also wants to share its social, political and cultural aspects to the Carleton community by fostering critical discussions on issues facing Singapore and America-Singapore relations.

Contact: Isabel Han

Skin Deep (SKIN)

Body positivity is a growing movement that promotes self-love through the acceptance of one’s own body and the understanding that our self-image does not have to conform to traditional conceptions of beauty. Skin Deep is the organization that promotes the body-positive movement on Carleton's campus through publications, programming and community building. The publication will offer a space for conversation around our relationships with the human form. It is a safe space for empowerment, self love and honesty. Most notably, we will be publishing student written erotica in the Fall and nude photography in the Winter.

Contact: Mollie Wetherall, Kyle Schiller, Vincent DeZutti

The Soapbox

The Soapbox was created to voice the diverse opinions of Carleton students on pertinent topics in a different and more conversational print format.

Contact: Ian Fischer, Nami Sumida

Social Dance Club (SDC)

The Social Dance Club gives students a place to learn and practice dances like Waltz, Tango, Fox Trot, Cha Cha and Rumba. We have a fun and informal atmosphere and welcome all skill levels. We also seek to bring exciting workshops to campus, and introduce people to off-campus dance opportunities.

Meetings: Join us in the Weitz Dance Studio on Wednesdays from 9:00-11pm and in the Cowling Dance Studio on Saturdays from 6:30-8pm.

Contact: Natasha Flowers, Natalie Sturd, Maggie Sauer

Visit our web site for more information.

Somali Famine Relief

This organization aims to educate the broader Carleton community about the effects of the famine in the Horn of Africa. Additionally, we seek to raise funds to aid people displaced by this tragedy.

Contact: Asiya M. Gaildon

Student Activities Programming Board (SAPB)

SPB is a student organization whose purpose is to design and run social events for the entire campus community. Traditonal events range from Set Up Your Roommate to Spring Concert, in addition to working with Campus Activities and its subgroups (The Cave). SPB's goal is to involve the entire campus in its sponsored events over the course of the year.

Meetings: Tuesdays during Common Time in Sayles-Hill 251

Contact: Noah Laack-Veeder, Lia Seraydarian, Sam Keyes

Visit our web site for more information.

Student Alumni Relations Group

SARG is composed of students and Alumni Board members who, along with the Alumni Affairs Office, promote activities that bring students and alumni together. Events include Homecoming, pizza study breaks with alumni, the Junior pizza study break, the Sophomore Ice Cream Social, and Senior activities.

Contact: No current contacts

Student Band Union (SBU)

The purpose of the Student Band Union is to provide for, maintain, furnish, and control access to equipment that student bands may use for practice and gigs. This equipment includes amps, cords, and mics as well as a mobile drumset. The president of the SBU is responsible for keeping the group organized and aware of how the group should function. Membership is comprised of student bands, and there is an online scheduled sign up system to ensure equal access. This equipment is also used for the various concerts at Carleton, such as those in the Cave, Fall Concert, and Spring Concert. The SBU members are responsible for ensuring this equipment returns undamaged, and will account for any mishandling.

Contact: Joe Soonthornsawad, Matt Jorizzo, Thomas Hiura, Emily Scotto, Nora Gregor, Abby Easton

Visit our web site for more information.

Student Musical Theatre (SMT)

Student Musical Theatre is dedicated to producing high quality musicals. Our plays are student directed, choreographed, conducted; we rehearse singers, build sets, etc. We produce two musicals a year; usually a smaller musical in the fall, a larger production in the spring, and sometimes a Spring Musical Revue. The organization combines the talents of students from departments and other extracurricular programs that span the disciplines of theater, music, dance, and the visual arts.

Contact: Bethany McHugh, Josh Davids, Elizabeth Davis, Nora Katz

Visit our web site for more information.

Student Organization for the Protection of the Environment (SOPE)

We are a group dedicated to promoting environmental awareness and activism on campus and in the community and to providing opportunities for environment volunteering. Among our past projects are Earth Week preparations and activity organization, starting the Adopt-A-River program on campus, bringing environmental speakers, and starting a composting program at Carleton.

Meetings: Wednesdays, 9 pm - Sayles Hill 251

Contact: Sarah Lukins, Brent Murcia, Anna Smith, Trish Hare

Visit our web site for more information.

Student Union Movie Organization (SUMO)

SUMO provides top of the line cinematic entertainment to the Carleton community every weekend. Movies run Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 & 11:00 PM (unless posted otherwise). For more information about SUMO, visit us at our website.

Contact: Jill Poskanzer

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Students for Education Reform (SFER)

The mission of the Students for Education Reform (SFER) at Carleton College is to empower students as stakeholders in the education policy discussion and mobilizes them to close the achievement gap and thus ensure an excellent education for all children through creating and organizing various initiatives that will serve to create awareness of this matter both on and off campus.

Contact: Ta'sierra Johnson, Melody Judilla, Sarah Goodman, Alexis S. Ervin

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The Sunday Group (SUNDAY)

The Sunday Group aims to promote the good governance of Carleton College. It does this by discussing philosophy and best practices, presenting its ideas before governmental bodies and encouraging students to seek positions in campus governance.

Contact: Ben Strauss


Contact: Julia Snyder, Lucia Childs-Walker

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Taichi Club

The Taichi Club was founded for promoting Taichi practice for physical and spiritual well being. Type of programs will be offered are: short/long forms, pushing hands, meditation, philosophy and so on.

Contact: Gabe J. Rudin, Weicheng Zou

Taiwanese Cultural Society (TCS)

The purpose of TCS is to create a community for Taiwanese students in America and those interested in learning about Taiwan’s culture. A space for the underrepresented Taiwanese students on campus to share and learn from each other the unique spirit of Taiwanese culture , connecting to the roots, as well as introducing and spreading awareness on campus. Most importantly, it is to keep the Taiwanese culture alive on Carleton’s campus.

Contact: Yang Chen, Kaylee Shiao, Claire Su, Lydia Chu


The purpose of the organization is to teach, learn and perform South Asian dance styles. This is a dance group, that will choreograph and arrange its own dance performances.

Meetings: 3:30pm on Saturdays

Contact: Sofia Shrestha, Andry DeJong, Shraddha Raghavan

Technology and Art (Tart)

Tart: Technology & Art is a new club at Carleton. Tart brings together people interested in technology &/or art. People can share ideas and projects ranging from music to movies, from drawing to photography and everything in-between. There will be club workshops so that members can show other members how do what they have done, from Photoshop to 3d design to movie making. As for the Tarts, we will try to have sweet, pop and all others at each meeting.

Contact: No current contacts

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TED@Carleton will seek to inspire students through the TED organization and will meet weekly to watch and discuss TED talks. The club will also serve as a planning committee for the TEDxCarleton event on October 12, 2013.

Contact: Emily Balczewski, David Racine

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Tim Viet

Tim Viet's mission is to bring awareness of Vietnamese culture to the Carleton community and beyond Northfield's borders. We participate in events such as Lunar New Year, Asia Month, and International Festival. Our annual spring banquet seeks to further the understanding of Vietnamese customs, traditions and current social statuses of Vietnamese Americans. We provide a supportive environment for students who are interested in cultivating Vietnamese culture.

Meetings: Biweekly on 4th Libe.

Contact: Phuoc Tran, Charlotte Duong, Jacqueline Liu, Dang Quang Tran, Binh Nguyen

Tutors of the Korean Language (TKL)

TKL is dedicated to teaching the Korean language at Carleton. Our mission is to provide a consistent academic support to beginning and intermediate learners of Korean. TKL operates on the complete undergraduate curriculum of Korean provided by the American Association of Teachers of Korean (AATK) and is supported by the Language Center at Carleton College. TKL offers weekly class along with private tutoring sessions provided for those who sign up at the beginning of each term.

Meetings: The board meeting is on every Sunday from 3:30pm to 4:30pm.

Contact: Hanna Lee, Jennifer Kwon, Su Kim, Shiny Choi, JinHyun Lee, Cathy Lee

Unitarian Universalists (UUs)

The Carleton Unitarian Universalists seek to provide a welcoming community for Unitarian Universalists on campus and an outlet for spiritual growth and enrichment to all members of the Carleton community. We hold weekly meetings for fellowship and discussion, as well as attend local Northfield UU Fellowship services and host UU-related events for the Carleton community.

Meetings: TBD

Contact: Reid M. Whitaker, Matthew Weinstein


UpRoot is a group of students committed to eliminating institutional racism at Carleton, fostering a more equitable and just campus environment and offering students spaces in which to practice antiracism.

Contact: No current contacts

Vegan Baking Club (VBC)

The Vegan Baking Club is a group that meets to make vegan food, primarily desserts. It is open to all members of the Carleton community and is accepting of vegans and non-vegans alike. The goal is to have fun baking together and to partake in delicious treats that involve no harm to animals. A secondary goal will be to express opinions related to veganism and animals in the club community and to share our experiences with the campus as a whole.

Contact: Josie Bealle

Water Polo

Carleton's Water Polo Club is a year-round, fun-loving, co-ed, championship-winning, hyphen-saturated team. Practices are always open to all levels, from those who are still trying to remember to hold their breath while underwater to those who, as a matter of pride, only shoot backhand skip shots from the five. We practice at the West Gym Pool, TTh 6-8pm and Su 2-4 pm. Bring a suit and come check us out! For more information, contact cassidyb or visit

Meetings: Tuesday & Thursday 6-8pm Sunday 2-4pm West Gym Pool

Contact: Alex Simonides

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We Have A Bee (Carleton Apiculture Club)

"We Have A Bee" exists for students to learn more about bees. Special events will be held throughout the term which will introduce students to bee identification techniques, unique bee behavior, and other apiculture related phenomena.

Contact: No current contacts

Wellstone House of Activism (WHOA)

The Wellstone House of Organization and Activism works to foster activism on campus and connect to communities outside Carleton. We build links beteen Northfield, Olaf and Carleton and sponsor events, delegations, dinners etc. Everyone's invited to our dinner Mon-Thurs 6PM, just RSVP ahead of time!

Meetings: Come have dinner with us Mon-Thurs 6:30 PM. We have official House Meetings Sunday at 7.

Contact: No current contacts

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West Coast Swing Club (WCS Club)

The West Coast Swing Club’s mission is to provide Carleton students with a place to learn, practice and enjoy the partner dance West Coast Swing (WCS). Our goal is to offer an informal and fun atmosphere that welcomes all skill levels, especially beginners, while providing a continual input of new material and instruction for more advanced dancers. In addition, the West Coast Swing Club seeks to bring WCS instructors to campus for all-campus lessons, to organize trips to the Cities for workshops and social dances, and to inform and introduce students to off-campus WCS opportunities nationally and internationally.

Contact: Dimitri Smirnoff

Western Archery Club

The Western Archery Club helps provide an interest group, a practice location and funding for those interested in learning about and practicing western archery. Practice will focus on practical skills such as aim and the handling of equipment rather than elements of medieval re-enactment.

Meetings: Sunday afternoons at 2:00PM for practice. Meetings are normally held at the foot of or near the Hill of Three Oaks.

Contact: Brianna Quincy, Leah Sacks

Whoa! Hip-Hop Dance Company (Whoa!)

The purpose of Whoa! Hip-Hop Dance Company (Whoa!) is to provide the Carleton community with an outlet of expression through the art of Hip-Hop dance. While there are other venues for dance on campus, Whoa! fills a void that exists in the community of selective dance companies. Whoa! is a 100% student-run company that allows for the practice and performance of non-classical folk and concert styles of Hip-Hop dance. In addition to providing a place for perfecting one’s technique and abilities in the comprehensive elements of Hip-Hop dance, Whoa! will have at least three performances a year in addition to other informal appearances throughout each term.

Contact: Johnny Zapata, Abby Star

Women in Economics (WE)

Our purpose is to increase the involvement of women in the field of economics. We host alumni panels and group discussions to encourage women to get involved in economics.

Contact: Rachel Schuh, Seana Buzbee, Claire Helsel

Women in Math and Science (WhIMS)

WhIMS exists as an internal support network and an external outreach program for women interested in math and science. A major goal is to provide Carleton women with new opportunites, information and encouragement in their pursuit of math and science-related careers. We do so by offering conference attendance opportunites, trips to the Twin Cities science venues and regular meetings with female math and science faculty. As an outreach program, WhIMS works with organizations such as the Girl Scouts to plan math and science activity days designed to expose a younger group to the possibilities of math and science.

Contact: Emily Matsuda, Rachel Schuh

Women in Political Science (WIPS)

Women in Political Science seeks to build a community for women interested in the political science and/or international relations fields on the Carleton Campus. In addition to regular social and career networking activities held every term, we also shall host forums and create opportunities for building relationships with professors.

Contact: Norma V. Nyhoff

Women's Soccer

This is an opportunity for students of all skill levels to play soccer in a competitive environment. The team will be coached and managed by students.

Meetings: Practice two-three times per week. Schedule TBA.

Contact: Anna Zimmer, Delaney Vail, Devon Graham

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