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Products for Distribution

AHA! (AIDS and HIV Awareness) is a student-run HIV prevention and awareness group. Members provide Carleton with an anonymous ordering and delivery service of products that, used properly, help ensure safe and healthy sexual activity. The group is endorsed and supported by Student Health and Counseling (SHAC) and Student Wellness Advocates (SWAs). Orders should be delivered within 1-3 weekdays.

Instructions to order all of the products below can be found here.

You will find that purchasing condoms through AHA is the cheapest option in Northfield. You can view a price comparison chart (PDF at right) that will show all the local prices. The average price for any type of condom is $0.66!!!!

Condoms (10 cents each)

Lifestyles' "Ultra sensitive": latex condoms that are thinner and have a non-spermicidal lubricant; ideal for vaginal and anal sex.

Lifestyles' flavored "Kiss of Mint": these condoms are ideal for oral sex and make great dental dams; not recommended for vaginal sex as the sugars in the flavoring can cause yeast infection.

Lifestyles' "Ribbed Pleasure": latex condoms that are ribbed for extra pleasure and have a non-spermicidal lubricant; ideal for vaginal and anal sex

Lifestyles' "Ultra lubricated": premium lubricated latex condom; ideal for vaginal or anal sex

Lifestyles' "SKYN": non latex condom made of Polyisoprene; lubricated; perfect for those who are allergic to latex; ideal for vaginal and anal sex

Durex "Unlubricated": latex condoms with no lubricant; ideal for vaginal or anal sex if used with lubricant, or oral sex; can also be used to make dental dams


One-use packets of water-based lubricant ($0.25): non-spermicidal, contains Aloe and Vitamin

Bottles of Lubricant ($3.50): 1.1 oz squeeze bottle of water-based lubricant; non-spermicidal, clear, odorless formula safe for use with latex; doctor-recommended brand – ID Glide

Fun/Value Pack ($1)

Eight condoms (a mixture of the condoms listed above - you can specify or be surprised!) and a packet of lube.