Get Involved

Here are a few of many ways to be involved in Sexual Violence Prevention at Carleton:

  • Apply to be a CAASHA advocate.
  • Apply to be a GSC associate.
  • Apply to be a SWA.
  • Participate in planning sexual violence prevention programs. Contact the GSC for more information.
  • Attend events, discussions, speakers, etc. that address issues of sexual harassment and assault, healthy relationships, and sex education. (And bring your friends!)
  • Sign up to be on the GSC email list to receive information about events that are happening and more ways to be involved.
  • Start conversations about what our community standards about sexual violence at Carleton are and should be. Talk about it at lunch, while working out at the Rec, taking a study break at the Libe, and passing time in Sayles!
  • Educate yourself. At different points in the school year, trainings and classes are offered in sex education (OWL curriculum), female sexuality (FemSex), etc. See the GSC website for more information.
  • HOPE Center Advocate Training: Volunteer for the HOPE Center, a Rice County community resource that provides education on sexual and domestic violence and abuse, as well as support for survivors.