Apply to be a CAASHA Advocate

CAASHA advocates are trained in peer counseling, issues of sexual harassment and assault, and Carleton’s misconduct policy. We are available to offer listening, support, and information to anyone at Carleton affected by sexual harassment and assault.

All CAASHA advocates commit to:

  • Receive full advocacy training: This may include a weekend training/retreat day, some common time sessions, and outside reading and preparation. Any opportunity to be better trained and educated is an opportunity to be a better resource for the Carleton community.
  • Attend weekly meetings: We meet for an hour each Sunday to talk together about any concerns or questions that have come up during the week, and to plan upcoming events.
  • Attend events and/or tabling: CAASHA advocates periodically hold tabling hours or serve as resources at relevant events. Advocates share these responsibilities as necessary.
  • Maintain privacy: Information about contacts will only be shared at CAASHA meetings, and always in non-identifying terms.

Application forms are available in the links below.

Click here to access the 2018-19 online application form.

Click here to access the 2018-19 online peer recommendation form.