Immediate Resources

If anyone’s safety is in jeopardy, please call the Northfield Police at 911, or Campus Security at x4444 or (507) 222-4444 immediately.

Security can respond to an ongoing situation, can drive you to the hospital, and can contact the Dean-on-call or the on-call Student Health and Counseling counselor through a paging system. You will be asked your name and number so that the dean or counselor can call you directly. If you are uncomfortable giving your name, a friend or member of CAASHA can call for you.

If Security is unable to provide transportation for any reason, Student Health and Counseling will reimburse you for a taxi ride. Visit the College's Travel & Transportation page for more information about taxis and other local transportation options.

The emergency room at Northfield Hospital provides medical care 24 hours a day. The direct line to the emergency room is (507) 646-1100. To read more about medical care or evidentiary exams, please see our Medical Information page.

Your Area Director or RA can also help you get immediate care. Friday and Saturday nights, every residential area has an RA on duty. The duty phone numbers are posted on the first floor of each residential building.