Medical Information

Caring for yourself medically after a sexual assault is very important. Both the Carleton Student Health and Counseling and Northfield Hospital can provide you with a physical examination, pregnancy prevention, prophylaxis for sexually transmitted infections, and can address any other medical concerns you may have.

Care provided by the Student Health and Counseling is free of charge to all students. To see a nurse in Student Health and Counseling, call x4080. Tell the receptionist that you are calling about an issue of sexual harassment or assault to ensure that you will be scheduled immediately for an appointment.

The phone number for Northfield Hospital is (507) 646-1000. A friend or another support person can take you to the hospital or you can call Carleton Security at x4444 to drive you. If you choose this option, a friend, support person or CAASHA advocate can still ride with you and stay with you at the hospital. If Security is unable to provide transportation for any reason, Student Health and Counseling will reimburse you for a taxi ride. Taxi First Choice can be reached at (507) 645-4447. Visit the College's Travel & Transportation page for more information about taxis and other local transportation options.

Beyond simply receiving medical care, you may also decide to have an evidentiary exam, in which a specially trained nurse will examine you and document any physical evidence of a sexual assault. Should you decide now or in the future to report to law enforcement or press charges, having evidence on file can help your case. Your exam will be paid for by Rice County.

Evidentiary exams must be performed at the hospital within 120 hours of the assault. They are performed by specially trained Sexual Assault Forensic Examiners, also called SAFE nurses. SAFE nurses are all female and are on-call 24 hours a day. When you arrive at the hospital, inform the receptionist and they will call the SAFE nurse on-call. She will come immediately to the hospital. You may have to wait about 30 or 45 minutes for her to arrive, so it can be nice to have a book, a friend, or a CAASHA advocate to keep you company. 

Getting an evidentiary exam does not mean that you are required to report the sexual assault to Carleton or to the Police. The evidence collected in the exam is sealed and given directly to the Police Department, but remains completely confidential unless you decide to share it. It will be stored on your behalf for up to one year.