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Paul Wellstone

Many students arrive at Carleton from out of state, and others may not have much memory of politics politics back in 2002. If this describes you, then it is possible you are unfamiliar with the late Carleton Professor and Minnesota politician, Senator Paul Wellstone.

Despite his premature death in an airplane crash in 2002, Senator Wellstone remains an important figure in American politics today. This is especially true in Minnesota, and at Carleton College.

It doesn’t take much more than a few video clips to understand why today, so many politically active people in Minnesota tell stories about how it was Paul Wellstone who inspired them to first get involved. His revolutionary grassroots Senate campaign successfully included people of different classes, races, and ages, and became a model for political success across the country (albeit a hard one to follow). For more information about Paul and his wife Sheila, check out his Wikipedia page or the legacy page at Wellstone Action!

Senator Wellstone is an important part of the Carleton Democrat identity, and it is important that we remember his contributions to our college, state, and country.