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Welcome Back to Winter

7 December 2011

January 6th: Volcanoes w/ Wildcat Choir, Prom Queef

Doors 8:30pm
Show 9pm


Starting off this term is Volcanoes from Missouri, "[a] drum and bass duo whose shitkicking noise rock has taken seismic toll on the eardrums of St. Louis' underground enthusiasts. Jon Ryan and Eric Peters are probably the most badass act to come out of St. Charles in quite some time, and definitely the most badass thing to ever come out of Lindenwood University."

-The Riverfront Times (Diana Benanti)

Joined by Wildcat Choir and Carleton band, Prom Queef, this show promises to be a great opener to both the new year and the new term.

Read more about Volcanoes on MFR here, and we'll see you on Friday!