profile of madeline
Madeline Garcia ’18 Profile

Madeline Garcia is a senior who loves to make things. She works as the Cave's marketing and graphic design assistant and creates all of the posters for Cave shows.

sylvie pic
Sylvie Graubard ’18 Profile
Sylvie's the general manager. She's a political science major who likes seltzer, ice cream, Blondie, crushing her enemies, and gluten. Tell her all your ideas about how the Cave could be better, but don't be mean about it!
maya cave pic
Maya Kassahun ’19 Profile
Maya works counter; she loves eating oatmeal, giving snacks to people, and probably you. Come visit her at the Cave!
ally cave pic
Ally Jeidy ’19 Profile
Ally works counter. Ask Ally about being from Portland. Ask her for tea. Ask her about a stiff twig of hair, lingering in mid air, on the rim of the sink. Ask her about parachuting spiders and something about feet.
jacob rockey bio pic
Jacob Rockey ’19 Profile
This is Jacob, he works in the sound booth during live shows. He is also currently the RF Engineer for KRLX. He's a big fan of counterpoint and recently got super into racquetball.
Phineas Callahan ’18 Profile
Phineas works counter. He can help you with your problems, like your math problems or your cs problems. Not your life problems, though. He doesn't know what to do with your life problems.
Lina Fisher '19
Lina Fisher ’19 Profile
Lina is a junior from Austin, TX. She is the sound manager and oversees all of the Cave's sound workers. She likes to DJ, play keyboard, and talk tunes. She suggests that you follow the Cave on Instagram for cool pix!
cave staff photo
Emma Westbrook ’18 Profile
Emma is the booking manager of the Cave. She likes chairs, disco, bingo, and making art.
austin cave photo
Austin Baxter ’20
This is Austin. He works behind the counter. He likes brief sentences and also people. Talk to him please, he gets bored very easily otherwise.
gab profile
Gab Torres ’20
This is Gab '19. She's from Bridgeport, CT. When I'm not at the cave you can find her watching Arrested Development in the library, performing karaoke in my room, or sleeping with my socks ON. She's an amateur knitter and a big time fan of hanging in the arb, bubble water, and drivin nice n slow in the fast lane. Come hang with her if you see me working at the counter!!
Clara Buck ’19 Profile
Clara's a junior who works sound. Catch her around campus napping or searching for cats.