Oct 25

Dressy Bessy with the Melismatics

Saturday, October 25th, 2008
The Cave

Get ready to dance your pants off! Dressy Bessy are a spunky, girl-fronted pop group from Denver. With lively vocals and catchy hooks, they are bound to get your moving (and, knowing the typical Cave-goer, perhaps moshing). Stream "In Your Headphones" on their myspace-- good song.

The Melismatics are a punky rock group, "having their music featured on MTV's "Laguna Beach," NBC's "Windfall," and numerous extreme sports videos." They are touring for their new album, Acid Test, which was produced by John Fields. They'll have you on your feet. A great night at the Cave is expected!!

 Dressy Bessy's myspace
The Melismatics' myspace

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