May 11

Acoustic Night

All Natural. All Carleton. Porch Collective, Will Tynan, John Walsh, Drew Chambers and many, many friends.

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010
8:00 pm – 1:00 am / The Cave

Gabe Keller--20 min 8:00-8:20
Owen Demke--15 min 8:20-8:35
David Kornfeld--15 min 8:35-8:50
Hannah Button-Harrison--15 min 8:50-9:05
Ragged Goose Train--15 min 9:05-9:20
Drew Chambers and Alex Brusentsev--30 min 9:20-9:50
Deborah Tan Hui En and Debbie Wong--20 min 9:50-10:10
Jonathan Walsh--30 min 10:10-10:40
Will Tynan (DW)--30 min 10:40-11:10
Porch Collective--30 min 11:10-11:40

Sponsored by The Cave. Contact: kentk