Oct 2

Gay Beast

Gay Beast with Soaking Rasps play the Cave

Friday, October 2nd, 2009
8:00 pm – 12:00 am / The Cave

Gay Beast with Soaking Rasps

Friday, October 2.

Gay Beast

 Gay Beast is a Minneapolis based guitar/synths/drums trio, whose latest album was described as a "whole slab of sonic action" and "an aural shot of espresso brewed to agitate". Their music is purposefully jarring, manic, and frantic, but all the hooks are there.  Doesn't that sound like a treat?  Well it certainly will be.

Another gem from their myspace: "Music for Gay Bosses who use their gayness to get more out of their gay employees. / Crack the unicorn horn open and spread the marrow on your chest. It's the only cure for a broken heart."

This creative trio will seriously tear up the cave.

Check out their myspace for more information and streaming audio:


Opening is Soaking Rasps. This show will be awesome. Really awesome.

Sponsored by The Cave. Contact: hwangr