Feb 17

The Counterfactuals @ The Cave

From site: Philosophy Events

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016
8:00 – 9:00 pm / The Cave
The Counterfactuals @ The Cave

The Counterfactuals, everyone's favorite professor-based band, are playing at The Cave on Wednesday at 8pm for a live broadcast on KRLX. The band has a new album coming out in June, but you can hear them play through the whole record, plus some new material, on Wednesday. Come witness Prof. Jason Decker's absurd collection of analog synthesizers. Find out if Prof. Andy Flory can rock the rock as well as he can talk the rock (he can). Discover which absurd bird-patterned shirt Prof. Daniel Groll be wearing onstage that night.

The band will also be giving a way one of the four vinyl test-pressings of the album sent from the pressing plant in the Czech Republic. You could be the first person to have a copy of the record! 

Sponsored by KRLX. Contact: Daniel Groll, x4219