Oct 27

Atlas Sound and Broadcast

Atlas sound and Broadcast play the Cave

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009
8:00 pm – 12:00 am / The Cave

Atlas Sound and Broadcast

Tuesday, October 27

This is an incredibly exciting show for the Cave.

Atlas Sound

Atlas Sound is the moniker of the unfettered, unrestricted solo efforts of Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox.  The name comes from the tape recorder he u

sed in 6th grade when he started recording.  He channels all the things he "can't make work with a five piece rock band" into Atlas Sound.  It's garage rock, noise, ambient electronics, beautiful, challenging, creepy, odd, and very exciting.  This is guaranteed to be a really great show.

BroadcastBroadcast is a UK-based electronic music group heavily influenced by American music from the 60's.  You will get swept up in their dreamy style.  But despite being ethereal, the also are dark and edgy, "with amorphous samples and analogue dissonance giving it a retro-futuristic sci-fi edge."  With five albums under their belt, and inevitably more on the way, you will not be disappointed with what Broadcast has to offer.

It is a rare and wonderful opportunity that the Cave gets such wonderful acts, and it is even more exception that they are touring together.

More information and streaming audio from either band is available on their respective myspaces pages.

Atlas Sound:


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