thelen pic
Lewis Thelen ’20

Lewis is a Cog-Sci/Philosophy major who's St. Paul born and bred. He works sound and is filling in as sound manager while Lina is away. He enjoys a good lawn chair and a game of cornhole. He has never listened to music before but would like to one day.

jackson phtoto
Jackson Warren ’20

Jackson works sound. He enjoys loud noises and desert landscapes. He is off campus this winter but will be back in the Spring!

Harry Matthiasson ’20

Harry's from California. He handles publicity and social media for the Cave, and creates all of the posters for shows. He likes food and tv. He is off campus this winter but will be back in the Spring!

Bea Crow ’20

Bea is an art history/studio major filling in for Harry doing PR while he's off campus. She likes watercolor and astrology and you can find her napping somewhere, probably.

Joey Castaneda ’20

This is joey, and he works behind the counter. He also enjoys long walks and loud bass.

Colby Hester ’21

Colby is a sophomore from San Diego. They work counter. They love watching anime and hanging out with their dog. Come see them play bass in their band Algae at the Cave!

Ilan Friedland ’21 Profile

Ilan is a sophomore from South Bend, IN. They work counter, like getting a lil freaky and love chatting from behind the bar polishing highballs and sharpening their spurs.

Rebecca Muhlheim ’21 Profile

Rebecca is a sophomore from Los Angeles and she works counter. Rebecca likes tea and prairie grasses and sleeping a lot.

Oswaldo Cota ’22

Oswaldo works counter. He's a virgo west coast baby (L.A.) and a Mitski fanatic who is obsessed with queer literature and likes to give hugs.

Dhamar Magdaleno Urquieta ’22 Profile

Dhamar is a Chicagoan who works sound. She is obsessed with Lana Del Rey and loves to watch cute animal compilations on YouTube. Dhamar also loves to talk about music, so share away!!