Carleton Pre-Med Association

The Carleton Pre-Med Association (CPA) is the largest organization of students interested in pre-med on campus. Dedicated to helping students of all backgrounds pursue a career in the health fields, CPA seeks to provide pre-med Carls with a supportive peer pre-med community, a multitude of volunteer opportunities, and seminars to meet healthcare professionals and medical students. We also aim to increase awareness at Carleton about health disparity issues.

In the past year, CPA has held many events to help its members become more acquainted with the healthcare field. The CPA board participated in the educational event Boxes & Walls, which CPA used to teach fellow Carleton students about health disparities in rural vs. urban areas. CPA also organized medical school trips to Mayo Medical School and University of Minnesota in spring 2014. This year, CPA will strive to improve even more as an organization and provide its members with even more opportunities.


If you're interested in a peer pre-health advisor click this link and tell us a little bit more about yourself!