About Us

The Carleton Pre-Health Association was founded in September 2003. It started out as the Carleton Organization for Minority Premedical Students (COMPS). The first meeting had twenty students of various ethnic groups. In October 2003, the group held its first academic event, the first annual COMPS night at the Career Center. More than twenty students were in attendance and a great deal of information was given out. In November 2003, COMPS held its first fundraiser, a candy gram sale for children in Uganda with AIDS. COMPS raised over $350 in its first day of sales. It earned an additional $150 in the following Friday of sales.

In January 2004, the group changed its focus and its name to include pre-health students on campus. On May 15, 2004, MSPC hosted its first annual Demand Diversity Day, a day filled with guest speakers from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health speaking on the topic of ending disparities in health. Following the first set of speakers, members of MSPC guided students in a workshop called Diversity Shuffle, where students learned about the importance of dealing with diversity issues. MSPC also hosted a play on social interactions in the science classroom.

In Fall 2013, the name of the organization was changed to Carleton Pre-Health Association (CPA) to make it more inclusive for students from all backgrounds. However, MSPC's mission of increasing the number of minority students in the healthcare field still remains one of our top priorities. That being said, our organization has always been open to everyone and welcomes students from any background. We will continue to provide support to all pre-health students at Carleton College.