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CPA Events '13-'14


- Pam Middleton (Pre-Med Advisor) came to a CPA meeting and introduced herself to CPA members. (Fall 2013)

- University of Minnesota medical students (who are also Carleton alumni) came to talk about their experiences of applying to medical school and being in medical school. (Fall 2013)

- CPA members toured Mayo Medical School and University of Minnesota Medical School and went to information sessions at each school. (Spring 2014)

Community Events

- CPA participated in Carleton SAO's "Boxes and Walls" and hosted a room where Carleton students experienced the effects of healthcare disparities in rural vs. urban areas. (Winter 2014)

- CPA hosted an end-of-the-year BBQ for pre-health students to socialize with each other. This BBQ was done with Pam Middleton. (Spring 2014)


- Boba milk tea was sold at the end of every term to raise money for CPA events.

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