Environmental Carls Organized (ECO)

ECO is a student organization dedicated to promoting environmental awareness and activism at Carleton and in the greater Northfield community. Every week (Fall 2020 schedule) we meet Sunday at 12pm on zoom for discussion and action while working towards our goal of helping to increase environmental stewardship and sustainability in the world around us. 

The ECO board for 2021-2022 is made up of Andrea Tartaglia '22, Rebecca Chen '22, and Micah Strike '24

Wind Turbine

Pictured above: Carleton’s 1.65 megawatt industrial wind turbine—the concept and support for which came from students. 

Our past projects have included Earth Week and Green Wars preparation and organization, farmers market, Adopt-A-River, Green Bikes, composting, getting drying racks in the dorms, and collaborating with our peers across the state and the nation. We also send students to various regional and national environmental conferences across the country.

Want to keep up with what we're doing throughout the year? Contact a board member to be added to our email list.