ECO Goals

2017-2018 Goals: 

- Replace disposable, landfill wipes in the rec center with reusable cloths

- Replace athlete ice bags with compostable bags 

- Start a beginning-of-the-year garage sale for students with commonly used items

- Host tabling and phone banking events for local and national issues

- Organize student and Northfield support for passenger rail from the Twin Cities to southern Minnesota

- Bring in speakers and host events about environmental justice 

- Host an arts and environmnetal justice event during climate action week

- Collaborate with Divest Carleton to raise campus awareness about the proposed Pipeline 3

2015-2016 Goals:

- Get curbside composting across the city of Northfield

- Remove plastic bags from the bookstore

- Hold a successful "No-Impact Man" themed Green Week

- Start a Terracycle program on campus

- Collaborate with other clubs more

- Collaborate with Northfield residents more (Transition Northfield and Transition Youth)

Lyman Lakes in the Fog