What is it?

Farmstock is an annual acoustic music festival, usually in the late spring, usually outdoors, and open to anyone who wants to play.

Where did it come from?

Farmstock evolved from a big picnic held at Farm House in 1979; a lot of people brought instruments, and a folk festival was born. It was held on the Farm House lawn for many years, until the old flatbed trailer that was used as a stage was thrown away, and it's been in various locations around campus ever since. In recent years, we've collaborated with Farm House more closely.

How to I participate?

If you just want to play, watch for posters and NNB ads soliciting musicians, which usually appear about a month before the event. Get in touch with the contact person and arrange a slot for yourself.

If you'd like to help organize, drop by Pickin' 'n' Grinnin' some time and introduce yourself.