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A blog contributed to by some members of the Carleton College Game Development Club.

Spring Time!

March 28, 2012 at 11:48 pm
By huderlem

That time of year is finally here!  Although, let's be honest.  We've been having springy weather for the past two months here... 
We're about ready to start up gamedev club again on Sunday, which is really exciting.  Traditionally, one of the first meetings of the term involve actually playing games and talking about interesting mechanics and experiences each one brings to the player.  We'll be mainly playing Mind Games and OhNoLava--the two best games I've been a part of in gamedev club.  This will give the non-regular gamedev members a chance to see what we've been up to all those hours in the CMC lab.  I'm particularly looking forward to wiping the dust off Mind Games.  It was our fall term project of 2010, and I don't believe it has been played since February 2011.   In fact, several newer versions of the Spring Engine have since been released, so I had to clean up some code earlier tonight just to make the game run again!

Regarding our actual spring term gamedevery, there have been a few vague ideas thrown around.  We enjoyed working with lwjgl on OhNoLava, so there is interest in creating games taking place in a 3-D environment.  Lua has also been enticing a few of us, namely the LÖVE game library.  (This cool spinoff of Mario was created using LÖVE  Lastly, a game with a genetic or evolutionary mechanic seems like it has a lot of potential to some of us. 

That's all for now.

 PS: Hi, future me!

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