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We tend to create one game per term.  Unfortunately, some of our games are nowhere near complete or playable.  That being said, some of them are very complete and quite fun!  Check out LazerPong, The Tunnels, OhNoLava, or Mind Games if you want to see the playable ones.

  • LazerPong

    Page for the spring 2013 project, LazerPong.
  • The Tunnels

    Info about the Winter 2013 gamedev game, "The Tunnels".
  • OhNoLava

    Info About the 2012 Winter Term Project.
  • Tile God

    Info About the 2011 Fall Term Project
  • Laser Pong

    Info About a 2011 Spring Project
  • Zombie Jam

    Info About the 2011 Spring Term Project
  • L-BAS

    Info About the 2011 Winter Project
  • Mind Games

    Info About the 2010 Fall Term Project