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Life, But a Spaceship (But a Circle) is an experiment in intuitive and fun movement mechanics. The player controls a ‘spaceship.’ The player is ever pursued by the eager faerie Navi.

Using the ‘E’ key will fire bombs that explode after a short period, repelling any nearby purple obstacle blocks.

Using the ‘F’ key swaps between player movement modes:
Acceleration Vector Mode: Clicking and dragging causes a vector to be drawn on the screen. When the mouse button is released, a force in the same direction and of strength proportional to the length of the vector is applied to your spaceship. Bumping into blocks will result in a realistic elastic collision.
Gravity Mode: Clicking the left mouse button places a repulsing source of gravity (‘anti-gravity’) at the location of the cursor. If an anti-gravity source already exists, left-clicking instead picks it up. Clicking the right mouse button places an attractive source of gravity at the location of the cursor, or picks up any existing one.

Large colored fields exist that have an affect on how you, and everything else in them, moves. They can be identified by their color.

Grey fields accelerate objects to the left. For example, entering from the right side will cause one to rapidly fly left, while entering from the left side will cause one to slow down, stop, and then change direction.

Dark Teal fields accelerate objects by a constant factor, either speeding or slowing their travel.

Magenta fields accelerate objects with a force tangential to their current velocity. Their germ idea was drawn from a discussion of how the electromagnetic force behaves.

Installation Instructions
-1. Install 2.6 <= Python < 3.
0. Install the python PyGame library from
1. Download the .zip file for the game from here
2. Unzip the file
3. Run python