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Zombie Jam

This game is not complete, however, it's still fun.

ZombieJam came out of a GameDev challenge: ‘Can we make a game in 4 hours?’ As such, there are a couple of bugs (sometimes you can see super-zombies in the fog of war), but the game is intuitive and fun! The player spawns in a randomly-generated ‘city’ filled with citizens (red) and zombies (green).

ZombieJam was designed to have mechanics that emphasize the creepiness and horror of a zombie-infested city. As part of this, player vision is limited to a thin flashlight beam in the direction of movement. Also in keeping with the horror theme, you will ‘forget’ the layout of places that you have not been to recently, causing those areas to disappear from within the fog of war, so you can never get too comfortable. Zombies will charge you if you shine your flashlight on them, and they will attack survivors at any chance they can find, turning them into more flesh-eating zombies!

You can press ‘Spacebar’ to drop a flare that will repel zombies (or kill them if they have no way to escape). Flares use up some of your flashlight’s battery power, reducing your range of vision. After a short time, the flare will disappear.

You will encounter survivors (red), who will follow you around if you catch them in your flashlight’s beam and press the ‘F’ key. You can abandon survivors with the ‘R’ key. If you abandon survivors within the light radius of a flare, then they will be saved, and disappear. If two survivors are saved by one flare, then a blue battery will appear. Picking up the battery will increase your flashlight’s range by one (back to what it was before dropping the flare). If you save more than two survivors with one flare, they drop a super battery that increases your flashlight’s range by 2.

Whenever the player dies, a super zombie (purple) is generated at the location of death. Super zombies travel more quickly than normal zombies and always know the location of the player.