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Late Night Trivia

What is LNT

Late Night Trivia is a four-hour student-organized trivia and activity-based competition broadcast on KRLX 88.1 FM on the first day of Reading Days each winter term. The format is the same from year to year but changes minute to minute.

For a video explanation of past LNT revelry look here, or maybe here.  

LNT will be held on Saturday, March 10th, 2018 from 7:00PM to 11:00PM this year!

Here's what happens:

  • A trivia question is asked over the radio, and then a song is played.
  • Teams have until the end of that song to answer the question asked before the song and identify the song and artist.
  • Four "Action Trivias" are announced throughout the night; they involve sending a contingent from your team to a specified location and performing a specified task, usually involve acting something out, building something, or competing in some way.
  • Four "Medleys" (a series of sounds spliced together) are also played throughout the competition; your job is to identify the correct elements from these compilations, elements that can range from who's talking, who's singing, or what's happening.
  • The Stumper is the golden snitch of LNT - a secret word known only to The Gods. Every hour, a clue is given for The Stumper, each progressively less difficult than the last.
  • The headquarters of LNT this year is Sayles 251.

How do you win?

  • The first team to correctly answer each question gets a prize as does the first team to identify the song and artist.
  • Each question, song, "Action Trivia," "Medley," The Stumper, and bribe is worth points and at the end of the night top teams win mediocre / absurdly thrilling prizes.
  • The most spirited team according to The Gods wins the privilege to sign their team name on the LNT Spirit Trophy.
  • Bribes will be requested by The Gods over the air throughout the competition in Sayles 251; the teams who can deliver the desired item(s) to them will receive bonus points.
  • To see the official scoring rules go here.

Have some important phone numbers:

  • To register and find out your very important team number in the hour before LNT starts, call x5622
  • During LNT, to answer a question or identify a song or artist, call x4127
  • During LNT, to answer The Stumper or a "Medley," call x5622

A note about competitive spirit:

  • While the Gods have no way to control how you choose to identify and discover the songs that we play, in the spirit of LNT, we encourage you to partake in the thrill of the hunt and work actively with your own knowledge and with the tools that can aid that knowledge instead of letting some device or program steal the fun from you.


  • Teams can be any size.
  • Teams can be any combination of students. Floor teams tend to do well but so do clubs that play together or just a group of friends.
  • You must register your team during the hour (6 P.M - 7 P.M) before LNT begins by calling the phone number above and giving your team name and a contact phone number in order to get your official team number. This official team number must be used to identify your team when calling in answers, performing "Action Trivias," giving The Gods gifts, or answering The Stumper so make sure your whole team knows this official team number.

Email brittond, wiebem, akpanw, or goodelld for more information.