Spring 2016 (June 1, 2016)

From the Editors

May 18, 2016

Grace and I are going to let you in on a secret. 

Here is how the Manuscript is born: in Laird 211, where the dead ladybugs lie scattered and the wind screams, we gather in a circle with the whole editorial board to read the words that our contributors have trusted us with. "This story grapples on a substantial level with the themes that drive the plot." "I enjoyed the poetics and in particular how they were expressed through slant rhyme, but the radical enjambment didn't really resonate with me." "'Radical enjambment' would be an awesome band name." "That's a hoot."

Late at night, in the basement of the Weitz, Grace and I sit at adjacent computers; she wrangles InDesign into doing her bidding while I dutifully copy and paste text into boxes to update our website. Page numbers disappear on us; words somehow end up overlapping; image files become blurry and pixelated. We persevere. At long last it is ready to be printed. A few weeks later, we hit publish on the hidden issue on our website, and stand in Sayles aggressively distributing the printed magazines to anyone who walks by. We stick them in the mailboxes of contributors, friends, and the random person whose mailbox happens to be in front of us. We display them in department lounges, brushing a speck of dust off the cover and stepping back to proudly admire the finished product as though it's a trophy.

As we face our impending graduation get ready to pass this journal into new hands, we'd like to thank everyone who has made the process possible and enjoyable over the past few years. We couldn't have done it without the guidance of the editors who came before us, the dedication of our contributors and readers, and the enthusiasm of our editorial board. The issue we present you with this term is full of mountainous and urban landscapes, of absurdity in the form of extra eyes and bookmarks made of nude Polaroids, of heat and snow and nostalgia. We are thrilled to see how much this magazine has grown over the past few years--we have a website, our books have a perfect-bound spine, we have a small but committed group of editors--and we can't wait to see where you take it.

--Emma Sunog and Grace Black, Editors-in-Chief