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What is Parkour (or Freerunning)?

Parkour is the art of movement - the study of how to navigate one's environment as quickly and efficiently as possible. Traceurs (parkour practitioners) practice many skills including balancing, vaulting, jumping, and climbing. A non-competitive discipline, parkour focuses on learning to overcome mental and emotional barriers as well as physical ones. Freerunning is a related discipline which incorporates more aesthetic aspects than parkour (for more information on the difference, or lack thereof, between the two, see this)

Carleton Parkour (CPK) provides Carls of all skill, fitness, and commitment levels an opportunity to learn and practice parkour (and freerunning) in a safe, collaborative setting. CPK programs include weekly practices and freestyle jams, in addition to other fitness and training opportunities. We also enjoy dabbling in gymnastics, slackline, b-boying, and other athletic pursuits. Beginners are welcome at all practices and events; no experience required. Come out and learn to move!

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